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Debt Settlement Offers That Can Save You Big Money

Of the many helpful services I offer to consumers, the Exclusive Debt Settlement Offers and Discounts that I can provide is one of the favorites among my clients. To understand why I can get my clients Massive Discounts with just about any debt settlement company it is important to have a fundamental understanding of the business model of most debt settlement companies and why it is harmful to consumers.

Settlement Companies are Forced to Overcharge Consumers to Compete

In the Debt Settlement world, there are far more companies out there charging huge money for horrible service than there are companies that really focus on putting consumers first. These rip off programs, many of them nothing more than call center rejects from the busted mortgage industry, pump massive money into sales and marketing. Their goal and sole focus is to sign up consumers and collect money. In this world, the company that spends the most money usually signs up the consumer and the one who is spending the most is likely the one charging the most so they can afford to spend the most. (Say that fast 3 times)

How is an honest company able to directly compete with a program that is willing to stretch the truth and to flat out lie to consumers in order to enroll them into their grossly over priced and mediocre debt settlement plan? They have no choice but to follow suit and also spend much more money on advertising than they had to do in the years past, just to have the chance to bring consumer awareness to the fact that their program is a better solution. At the end of the day, the consumer is the one that pays for this by shouldering the load of the extra marketing fees that all companies are faced with because of the type of people that have gravitated into the Debt Settlement Industry in the last 5 years or so.

I Collect No Referral Fees and Direct the Settlement Company to Pass the Huge Savings to My Client

If my clients are in need of a debt settlement program they will always pay less in fees than if they were not a client of mine. Why? Simply because I remove the extra marketing cost burden from a company by not asking them to pay me the big money that a debt settlement marketer, lead generator or affiliate partner would normally demand. I instead ask them to give that money to my client in the form of a discount. I have created a win-win situation for both the consumer and for some of the top debt settlement programs out there who are slowly getting squeezed by the massive ad spends of rip off programs.

My Clients are Protected from Scams and Receive Discounts that Range from Several $100 to Several $1,000

How much of a discount my clients receive will depend on the debt settlement offer selected by the company they are potentially looking to hire. The discount is usually based on the amount of their normal fees. So the more debt a client has, the larger the settlement fee will typically be, thus the larger the discount my client would receive if they decided to hire a settlement company. A consumer with an average debt load can typically expect to save anywhere from $800 to $1500 off the fee of a full service debt settlement program.

The debt settlement companies will still compete for my client’s business and my client will ultimately select which company if any, they feel the most comfortable with. I simply filter out all of the scam and rip off settlement programs for them, narrow down their search to a handful of “good guys” and then secure a fee discount for my client.

Honest Debt Settlement Companies Benefit Big Time by Offering Discounts to My Clients

Clearly my clients will all save big money with the Exclusive Debt Settlement Offers they would receive by having me first qualify them for success with a debt settlement strategy, but what are the benefits for a debt settlement company to offer a discount to my clients?

  1. I am not paid a referral fee or a commission to push my clients into any specific program. So if I do recommend a debt settlement strategy to a consumer it would only be to the ones that are highly qualified for success in a short settlement program and have been clearly educated on any other possible alternative option.
  2. The settlement company has an opportunity to present their program to a well qualified and knowledgeable consumer without having to pay any upfront marketing costs.

    Since Debt Settlement companies are not allowed to charge fees until a settlement is performed, getting an opportunity to present their program to a highly educated and qualified client who will likely have the funds to settle their debts in a short amount of time is extremely valuable.

The Basic Criteria a Settlement Company Must Meet Before I Will Consider Recommending Them to A Client

  1. Have been in the debt settlement business for at least 5 years.
  2. Have 0 unresolved complaints with the BBB.
  3. Have a strong track record for success with their clients.
  4. Must only charge their fees after a settlement is made.
  5. Must have charged the majority of their fees after settlement for a minimum of 1 year (I prefer at least 2) before the (TSR) banning upfront fees was passed.
  6. You must perform your service in house and work with your clients from start to finish. No outsourcing of the actual service.

If you own a company that meets these basic criteria and you would like me to consider adding you to my list of recommended referrals, please let me know.

Does a Consumer Have to Schedule a Consultation With Me to Get a Discount?

Yes. The discounts are only available to my clients whom I have qualified for success in a debt settlement program. The main reason debt settlement companies will offer discounts to my clients is because they know that any client I refer is going to be the exact type of client they prefer and will likely be able to fund their settlements quicker, than their average client. Thus, they will gladly offer a discount.

As exciting as it may be to get a big discount, please don’t overlook the fact that the real value in speaking with me is to have a straight forward and unbiased consultation about how to best resolve your financial situation. Many consumers that come to me looking for a debt settlement discount, often find after speaking with me that I presented them with a better option that made more sense than a debt settlement approach in the first place. I might save you $1,000 with a discount, but saving you from making the wrong decision is worth many times more than any discount from a company that offers the wrong solution to your situation.

If you are considering a debt settlement strategy to resolve your outstanding credit card debt, there is no question that speaking with me first will be the most valuable and eye opening call you can make.

About the author

Damon Day

Damon Day is a talented Debt Coach who offers fee based consultations to consumers as an alternative to the typical free debt relief consultations which are nothing more than thinly veiled sales pitches lacking any real information to help a consumer make a good decision. You can learn more about how he can protect you from getting ripped off at


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