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New Life Financial Solutions Making Robocalls to Cell Phones

A wonderful tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a call she recorded when she called New Life Financial Solutions back after they robocalled her cell phone.

She said:

I’ve received several calls from 855-756-2444. They don’t leave messages. Since their number doesn’t trace, I called them back. You have three options: 1) Press one if you are an existing client; 2) Press two if you received a call from them; 3) If you wish to speak to human resources. The first time I pressed 3 to see who would answer. I got a recording. I called back and pressed 2. This time I got a man who answered the phone without identifying the company. I had to ask who it was. The conversation was recorded while on speaker phone (it is allowed in IA) as my husband was nearby. We’ve never heard of this company and did not ask for their services. I’m curious as to how they got a hold of my number. Hope this helps your investigation.

Not the friendliest sales representative.


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  • I have got a call from them and provided them with my banking information and SS number. It tuned out they got me approved in few minutes and started sigining me up online.I got suspicious and starting calling them and nobody was willing to talk to me till i mentioned on the voice mail i was cancelling the agreement then the guy i was dealing with called me back to reassure me they were working on my account. They promised to debit my account every two weeks and i got debited the whole $1360 the first month. By researching the company info online , i found your comments and called my bank to stop the payment and sent them an email. I am still awaiting their response.

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