Enhanced Servicing Solutions Shuttered

A now former Enhanced Servicing Solutions debt settlement division employee is reporting the following:

“I was an employee of Enhanced Servicing Solutions.

As of today 8-23-11 we were shut down. Due to Mr. Johnson and his shady acts we were not able to keep & maintain business operations.

Some of the information that was published on your website was true…some false in the end.

Hopefully businesses who wish to succeed never deal with any shady ass attorneys who wont steals $ from his clients.

Employees @ ESS were all unaware of Mr. Johnson’s actions and it is sad to see how selfish he really was.

Most of us were there for years and we really had the clients best interest at hand. The end will soon come to light for Mr. Johnson and I cannot wait to see his ass on TV getting arrested.

Its sad but if any of my old co-workers read this. We will make it & I will miss you all.”


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5 thoughts on “Enhanced Servicing Solutions Shuttered”

  1. So Steve, I see that you were an employee of ESS. I just spoke with someone name Rita a few weeks ago she told me that ESS was taking over Johnson law, to sign the paperwork so that if I wanted ESS to take over the debt program that I was in and a request for my refund from Johnson law. I have done so and since then I’ve been trying to call all last week all this week (today is 9/7/2011) and no answer. I sent an email to Rita she never responded. This morning when I called there was an answering machine stating to leave a message compared to last weeks answering machine stating that I have reached ESS but mailbox was full. I am concerned, what about the money that I had put in the account will I ever see it and who should I be contacting if you have any information please let me know. Thank you.

    • I think you may be a bit confused. I was never an employee of ESS or affiliated with them in any way. I would not be surprised if ESS has or will close up shop especially since another group they represent, CBDC, closed on Friday.

  2. Forget Johnson he is a moron.  You can thank Tom Roland and greedy aholes like Vanderhoof.

    It sucks to be out of  a job, but its better then having your money stolen from you when you are looking for debt relief.


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