Alleged Obstruction Of Justice Of Attorney And Client In $188 Million Fraud

At one point in time attorney, Fredrick Cuppy, represented the former owner and chief executive, Peter Rogan, of the bankrupt Edgewayer Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago. Cuppy has now been arrested on federal charges flaming that he and his onetime client, Rogam committed perjury and obstruction of justice to prevent efforts by the government and a bank creditor to collect civil judgements of around $188 million that involved fraud which resulted in Rogan’s Edgewayer Hospital’s collapse.

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Cuppy and Rogan have each been charged with one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Cuppy has also been charged with three counts of perjury and three counts of obstruction of justice.

Rogan once owned Edgewater Hospital and later sold it, but continued to control the hospital and medical center through various management companies he owned. The hospital closed in December 2001 and entered bankruptcy in 2002, about the same time four doctors, a vice president and the management company pleaded guilty to federal criminal health-care fraud charges involving the payment of kickbacks for patient referrals and medically unnecessary hospital admissions, tests, and services.

Rogan was not charged criminally at that time, but in 2002, the United States filed a civil lawsuit against him alleging that was responsible for Edgewater’s submission of millions of dollars of false claims for reimbursement under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

In September of 2006 the judge entered a judgment against Rogan for $64,259,032 and found he had falsely testified, had documents destroyed and obstructed justice.

In 1996, Rogan created the “Peter G. Rogan Irrevocable Trust 001″ (the Rogan Trust), in the Bahamas to protect his assets from future judgments. By approximately 2002, the Rogan Trust had assets of approximately $28 million, according to the indictment. Cuppy and an unnamed Florida lawyer helped Rogan create the trust, establish its terms and choose an offshore location. Oceanic Bank and Trust Ltd., (Bahamas), served as a successor trustee of the Rogan Trust.

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The new indictment claims that Cuppy and Rogan conspired to obstruct justice between the years of 2002 up until October of 2010. Apparently the two men allegedly made incomplete, inaccurate and misleading statements in court with Rogan was on trial – Source.

If found guilty they could face up to 20 years in prison for each count of obstruction of justice and owe $250,000 per count.

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