Is Your Child A “Bieliber”? Parents Bieberware: Justin Bieber Twitter Scam!

Justin Bieber, @JustinBieber, has nearly 13.5 million followers on popular micro-blog site, Twitter.com, and he follows just over 116 thousand accounts. If your child has been hit with “Bieber Fever” chances are you’ve heard ALL about Bieber’s updates and happenings in his life.

You should “bieberware” (that’s “beware” in the cryptic language of Bieber-nease) though because a new Twitter scam has hit the site targeting his followers that desperately want to get the pop star to add them to his following list.

“Chances are, if you’ve lately mentioned Justin Bieber in a Tweet—either negatively or positively—you would get a response from a Twitter account saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Justin Bieber followed you? It can be done!” followed by a link.

If you click on the the link, it brings you to a page proclaiming, “Don’t miss out. Here is the secret to get Justin Bieber to follow you.”

Then, in the typical spelling-challenged spam-glish of an email scheme, it goes on: ‘It is never easy to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter. Imagine how it feels for someone like Justin Bieber with literally thousands of people begging for you to follow every minute of every day. There is a secret method reporters use when they want to get close to a popular artist which will definatley [sic] work when you’re trying to get someone as huge as Justin Bieber to follow you'” – Source.

Bieber crazed fans are then taken to a page where you are told you can unlock the secret to getting Bieber to follow you on twitter with a password you enter into a box. To get the password you have to take an online “IQ Challenge” and input your cell phone number at the end so the password can be sent to you.

What is failed to be seen in large print is that if you enter your cell phone number you’re automatically signed up for a mobil content subscription costing $10 – $20 a month.

Even if just a handful of Bieber’s fans bit this bait the scammer would be racking in a pretty penny.

“We’ve seen all kinds of things, but we hadn’t seen this before,” said Todd Mumford, one of Bieber’s attorneys. Asked if Bieber’s team would ever participate in a marketing campaign that would guarantee a Bieber Twitter follow in exchange for a monthly cell subscription, Mumford scoffed. “That would be cheap and slimy,” he says. “He doesn’t need that for his fans” – Source.

As of right now the twitter accounts and spamming sites have been taken down but it is wise to warn young Bieber fans about this scam so they do not fall subject to this sleazy trick.

If you have been scammed and would like to file a scam report, please click here.

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