All About New Era Debt Solutions

Company Name

New Era Debt Solutions


Dan Smith – President
Alex Viecco – Vice-President

Physical Street Address

295 Willis Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010

Contact Information

[email protected]


Description of Services Provided

New Era Debt Solutions is a Full-Service Debt Settlement Company.

By Full-Service we mean that all client services are performed under one roof in the same location. The services are not outsourced to another company, in or out of the USA.

New Era negotiates with creditors to reduce the amount of money owed.

New Era settles both consumer debt as well as business debt.

New Era has attorneys on staff to help negotiate on the client’s behalf.

What Makes Us Special

The thousands of successful and satisfied clients are what really make New Era Debt Solutions special. Please hear directly from our clients at

For many years the Better Business Bureau gave every debt settlement company in the country an F rating. New Era Debt Solutions challenged the BBB to see for themselves that when it comes to debt settlement solutions, we are different from every other debt settlement company in the country. The BBB performed their due diligence and put us to the test. Their investigation was thorough and it was complete. When they were finished, they gave New Era an A+, the highest possible rating for any company!

New Era Debt Solutions is a founding member of the American Association of Credit Counselors. The AACC requires that all members satisfy strict standards to qualify for membership. The motto of the AACC is “Putting Consumers First”.

New Era Debt Solutions has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rate in surveys performed by a third party.

New Era has more than a decade of experience and has settled over $170,000,000 on behalf of its clients.

For over ten years New Era has been working diligently with creditors and delivering results. Having a solid reputation with the creditors has proven to be a benefit to the clients we serve.

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New Era is 100% compliant with the Federal Trade Commission amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”) which, among other things, precludes the collection of up-front fees.

New Era is a member of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and donates a portion of all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For protection of sensitive information, all data is stored on on-site servers in their Camarillo location.

New Era Debt Solutions is a full disclosure company and transparent with their success rates.

There is an Account Management Team assigned to every client.

There is a professional expert negotiator assigned to every client.

New Era has an accessible staff of knowledgeable people right here in the USA.

New Era provides each client with their own online client site to provide instant access to tools and monitoring of their account.

New Era is a people-friendly company with a great reputation.

Our Philosophy in Assisting People

New Era’s philosophy is that The Client Always Comes First and to support our clients in anyway possible to ensure their success throughout the program.

Our Mission Statement – “New Era Debt Solutions is committed to helping families improve their quality of life by freeing them from the burden of debt. It is our goal to help people eliminate their debt as quickly and inexpensively as possible.”

Our Vision Statement – “Based on sound principles, high standards, integrity, and customer satisfaction, New Era Debt Solutions will be the best debt settlement company in America, and a model for what the entire debt settlement industry should be.”

Fee Schedule

New Era charges no fees up-front and is compliant with the FTC.

The fees range between 7.5% to 15% of the debt amount.

The clients are not on the hook for any long-term contracts. They can cancel at any time.

The client’s funds are held in an FDIC insured trust account that only they control.

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There are discounts available for both active military and veterans.

The New Era program is guaranteed to save money or there is no fee.

Client Satisfaction Policy

We believe if we can’t save you money then we don’t deserve to get paid.

New Era Debt Solutions doesn’t charge any fees at all until after a settlement is made;
and if that settlement doesn’t save money then there is no fee.

We believe in providing a product that all clients will be satisfied with.
If for some reason a client isn’t satisfied they have direct access to senior management.

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The information contained on this page was provided by the company itself as a way to introduce themselves to the public. It has not been independently verified.

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67 thoughts on “All About New Era Debt Solutions”

  1. I just got word, the New Era Debt Solutions website is back online again. Appears whatever it was that took them offline is now resolved. See

  2. I forgot to publish this statement I got from New Era a few days ago.



    I am Dan Smith.  I have been the President of New Era Debt Solutions since its inception.  Some people have noticed that we have made changes to our website.  We have done this because we made a decision that, given the state of the debt relief industry, it is best for us to temporarily stop marketing and accepting clients via the internet.  We will continue to accept clients on a referral basis. 

    With regard to our existing clients, we will continue to service them with the same high quality customer service that we are known for.  If you are an existing New Era client you should rest assured that there is no reason for concern.     Some people may choose to make negative or alarming comments about New Era shutting down.  These comments have no basis in fact.  What is correct is that Alex Viecco, one of the founders of New Era, is working on other projects in addition to working for New Era as a consultant.  One of those projects is a Tequila company.      

    Any person with any question about New Era is invited to email me and I will promptly reply. 

    Dan Smith
    [email protected]

  3. how many consumers did you and Damon steer toward these guys? if they go under totally what is the liability from an expert referring them? man I would not to be somebody who charged for advice and sent somebody to a company who might go under.
    their vp Alex Viecco has been out peddling tequila at trade shows all over and not paying attention to the business. what do you have to say about that? is that consumer first?

    how can you be so irresponsible praising these guys when they are doing the something you warn about? you don’t see lhdr out peddling vodka. why don’t you do an article about that? I will tell you why because you are not fair and balanced and you push propaganda for guys you are in bed with.

    • New Era debt solutions was far ahead of the pack when it came to wanting to help change the industry and transparency.

      It appears they are servicing their old client but not taking on any new clients. That seems like a responsible path to take.

      Alex is the CEO of a new company, Montalvo Plata Tequila and his partner is Shaquille O’Neal. You can read more about that here.

      I’m not sure I understand your statement about praising them about something I warn people about. Can you be more specific please. In addition, do you have any complaints from remaining consumers they are servicing that I can investigate?

      • so the officers have jumped ship is what you are saying? hmmm if this was Lloyd Ward or LHDR you would be raising hell. hypocrite

        you and Damon supported this company, Damon claims and you claim to be an expert and Damon charges money there is liability there.

        every New Era client out there who reads this should follow Steve’s advise of how to get a refund before this company goes bankrupt. read this site and Steve’s warnings about all these companies and how they collapse be smart as consumers and get out. if they took any upfront fees from you get them back and protect yourself.

        if you were led to this company go to your attorney general and make sure who led you there was registered to do business in your state and look at their liability.

        consumers get your refunds …if you don’t believe me call your attorney general or the consumer financial protection bureau and ask them what you should do.

        in this situation you should consult your state to make sure you protect yourself

        this companies website is down. their founder is now gone and selling booze, do you feel safe? do you think they care about your future or theirs?

        • As I asked before, do you have any complaints from remaining clients that I can investigate?

          Also, do you have information that I have not heard that the officers are gone.

          I get your anger and attacks but where is the issue here? The company is apparently not taking on new clients but servicing out the clients they had. Who has been abandoned?

        • …and this is why the few companies doing the right thing are not willing to write articles or expose themselves in any way. This site has become a target for the haters who foolishly make bias, misinformed, ignorant and incorrect claims and accusations.  
          Refund what money?  New Era is one of the few companies who did not charge upfront fees even before the ban on upfront fees therefor there are no fees to refund.  If you had a clue about performance based debt settlement you would know that they will be able to continue servicing existing clients with the unrecognized revenue creating no risk for their clients.  This is the safest option for consumers because if they decide to drop out, they do not lose any money.  This should be the way ALL debt relief companies are structured.  Please help me understand why you would be shouting “FIRE” in a packed movie theater….very irresponsible.Only a small minded, one man shop hater would knock an entrepreneur for having more than one business.  

        • What I find hilarious is that nobody ever can find an actual consumer that is complaining about the assistance we offer. Only anonymous sales people that don’t like the fact that we educate consumers about their scams.

          As AA easily pointed out, in your rush to try and find anything to attack us with, you left out the tiny detail that New Era didn’t charge upfront fees and therefore not only would there be no reason for a client to need a refund but New Era can decide to stop taking on new clients and still have the revenue they need to provide the promised service to their existing clients.

          Their clients pay as they go and only after the service is performed. I know that must seem like a novel concept, but doing it this way does not require a constant flow of new customers in order to service existing clients.

  4. What’s the status on New Era? Their website redirects straight to a client portal. Are they still taking on clients? 


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