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All About New Era Debt Solutions

Company Name

New Era Debt Solutions


Dan Smith – President
Alex Viecco – Vice-President

Physical Street Address

295 Willis Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010

Contact Information

[email protected]


Description of Services Provided

New Era Debt Solutions is a Full-Service Debt Settlement Company.

By Full-Service we mean that all client services are performed under one roof in the same location. The services are not outsourced to another company, in or out of the USA.

New Era negotiates with creditors to reduce the amount of money owed.

New Era settles both consumer debt as well as business debt.

New Era has attorneys on staff to help negotiate on the client’s behalf.

What Makes Us Special

The thousands of successful and satisfied clients are what really make New Era Debt Solutions special. Please hear directly from our clients at

For many years the Better Business Bureau gave every debt settlement company in the country an F rating. New Era Debt Solutions challenged the BBB to see for themselves that when it comes to debt settlement solutions, we are different from every other debt settlement company in the country. The BBB performed their due diligence and put us to the test. Their investigation was thorough and it was complete. When they were finished, they gave New Era an A+, the highest possible rating for any company!

New Era Debt Solutions is a founding member of the American Association of Credit Counselors. The AACC requires that all members satisfy strict standards to qualify for membership. The motto of the AACC is “Putting Consumers First”.

New Era Debt Solutions has earned a 97% customer satisfaction rate in surveys performed by a third party.

New Era has more than a decade of experience and has settled over $170,000,000 on behalf of its clients.

For over ten years New Era has been working diligently with creditors and delivering results. Having a solid reputation with the creditors has proven to be a benefit to the clients we serve.

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New Era is 100% compliant with the Federal Trade Commission amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”) which, among other things, precludes the collection of up-front fees.

New Era is a member of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and donates a portion of all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For protection of sensitive information, all data is stored on on-site servers in their Camarillo location.

New Era Debt Solutions is a full disclosure company and transparent with their success rates.

There is an Account Management Team assigned to every client.

There is a professional expert negotiator assigned to every client.

New Era has an accessible staff of knowledgeable people right here in the USA.

New Era provides each client with their own online client site to provide instant access to tools and monitoring of their account.

New Era is a people-friendly company with a great reputation.

Our Philosophy in Assisting People

New Era’s philosophy is that The Client Always Comes First and to support our clients in anyway possible to ensure their success throughout the program.

Our Mission Statement – “New Era Debt Solutions is committed to helping families improve their quality of life by freeing them from the burden of debt. It is our goal to help people eliminate their debt as quickly and inexpensively as possible.”

Our Vision Statement – “Based on sound principles, high standards, integrity, and customer satisfaction, New Era Debt Solutions will be the best debt settlement company in America, and a model for what the entire debt settlement industry should be.”

Fee Schedule

New Era charges no fees up-front and is compliant with the FTC.

The fees range between 7.5% to 15% of the debt amount.

The clients are not on the hook for any long-term contracts. They can cancel at any time.

The client’s funds are held in an FDIC insured trust account that only they control.

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There are discounts available for both active military and veterans.

The New Era program is guaranteed to save money or there is no fee.

Client Satisfaction Policy

We believe if we can’t save you money then we don’t deserve to get paid.

New Era Debt Solutions doesn’t charge any fees at all until after a settlement is made;
and if that settlement doesn’t save money then there is no fee.

We believe in providing a product that all clients will be satisfied with.
If for some reason a client isn’t satisfied they have direct access to senior management.

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The information contained on this page was provided by the company itself as a way to introduce themselves to the public. It has not been independently verified.

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About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I just got word, the New Era Debt Solutions website is back online again. Appears whatever it was that took them offline is now resolved. See

  • I forgot to publish this statement I got from New Era a few days ago.



    I am Dan Smith.  I have been the President of New Era Debt Solutions since its inception.  Some people have noticed that we have made changes to our website.  We have done this because we made a decision that, given the state of the debt relief industry, it is best for us to temporarily stop marketing and accepting clients via the internet.  We will continue to accept clients on a referral basis. 

    With regard to our existing clients, we will continue to service them with the same high quality customer service that we are known for.  If you are an existing New Era client you should rest assured that there is no reason for concern.     Some people may choose to make negative or alarming comments about New Era shutting down.  These comments have no basis in fact.  What is correct is that Alex Viecco, one of the founders of New Era, is working on other projects in addition to working for New Era as a consultant.  One of those projects is a Tequila company.      

    Any person with any question about New Era is invited to email me and I will promptly reply. 

    Dan Smith
    [email protected]

  • how many consumers did you and Damon steer toward these guys? if they go under totally what is the liability from an expert referring them? man I would not to be somebody who charged for advice and sent somebody to a company who might go under.
    their vp Alex Viecco has been out peddling tequila at trade shows all over and not paying attention to the business. what do you have to say about that? is that consumer first?

    how can you be so irresponsible praising these guys when they are doing the something you warn about? you don’t see lhdr out peddling vodka. why don’t you do an article about that? I will tell you why because you are not fair and balanced and you push propaganda for guys you are in bed with.

    • New Era debt solutions was far ahead of the pack when it came to wanting to help change the industry and transparency.

      It appears they are servicing their old client but not taking on any new clients. That seems like a responsible path to take.

      Alex is the CEO of a new company, Montalvo Plata Tequila and his partner is Shaquille O’Neal. You can read more about that here.

      I’m not sure I understand your statement about praising them about something I warn people about. Can you be more specific please. In addition, do you have any complaints from remaining consumers they are servicing that I can investigate?

      • so the officers have jumped ship is what you are saying? hmmm if this was Lloyd Ward or LHDR you would be raising hell. hypocrite

        you and Damon supported this company, Damon claims and you claim to be an expert and Damon charges money there is liability there.

        every New Era client out there who reads this should follow Steve’s advise of how to get a refund before this company goes bankrupt. read this site and Steve’s warnings about all these companies and how they collapse be smart as consumers and get out. if they took any upfront fees from you get them back and protect yourself.

        if you were led to this company go to your attorney general and make sure who led you there was registered to do business in your state and look at their liability.

        consumers get your refunds …if you don’t believe me call your attorney general or the consumer financial protection bureau and ask them what you should do.

        in this situation you should consult your state to make sure you protect yourself

        this companies website is down. their founder is now gone and selling booze, do you feel safe? do you think they care about your future or theirs?

        • As I asked before, do you have any complaints from remaining clients that I can investigate?

          Also, do you have information that I have not heard that the officers are gone.

          I get your anger and attacks but where is the issue here? The company is apparently not taking on new clients but servicing out the clients they had. Who has been abandoned?

        • …and this is why the few companies doing the right thing are not willing to write articles or expose themselves in any way. This site has become a target for the haters who foolishly make bias, misinformed, ignorant and incorrect claims and accusations.  
          Refund what money?  New Era is one of the few companies who did not charge upfront fees even before the ban on upfront fees therefor there are no fees to refund.  If you had a clue about performance based debt settlement you would know that they will be able to continue servicing existing clients with the unrecognized revenue creating no risk for their clients.  This is the safest option for consumers because if they decide to drop out, they do not lose any money.  This should be the way ALL debt relief companies are structured.  Please help me understand why you would be shouting “FIRE” in a packed movie theater….very irresponsible.Only a small minded, one man shop hater would knock an entrepreneur for having more than one business.  

        • What I find hilarious is that nobody ever can find an actual consumer that is complaining about the assistance we offer. Only anonymous sales people that don’t like the fact that we educate consumers about their scams.

          As AA easily pointed out, in your rush to try and find anything to attack us with, you left out the tiny detail that New Era didn’t charge upfront fees and therefore not only would there be no reason for a client to need a refund but New Era can decide to stop taking on new clients and still have the revenue they need to provide the promised service to their existing clients.

          Their clients pay as they go and only after the service is performed. I know that must seem like a novel concept, but doing it this way does not require a constant flow of new customers in order to service existing clients.

  • What’s the status on New Era? Their website redirects straight to a client portal. Are they still taking on clients? 

  • Alex,
    Of the 170 million you settled how much was under the name of clients signed up under New Era?  How much of that 170 was settled without one cent of upfront fee of any sort?  You also in my research claimed that only 6% of your cards get sued, do you stand by those comments on your website that you had up before the TSR?  You also had a huge amount of writings about how tough it is to get garnished.  You were just the same as all these other companies operating 100% the same way and you claim to be better when you are not. Wow you don’t take upfront anymore but you did for 170 of settled debt so what out of 600 million.  Who is your third party that did the satisfaction survey?   
    While you guys like to make fun of others for their sunglass business and weightlifting stuff… Alex is out there trying to be Jose Cuervo in the tequila business.  Hard core customer, right?   You are the same bad guys Steve always talks about and I have an entire copy of the site to prove it.  

  • Been watching the activity here & as a competitor I still will say I respect Alex regardless. About a year ago there were 3000 DS companies & only about 5 that ran a performance model which actually helped their clients. New Era is one, Emerge is another. Regardless of any shameless self-promoting… (ha) Alex is VERY passionate about this business (Mike too) and willing to go outside himself to benefit the industry. He deserves credit for NOT taking the easy, softer way to make a buck in this crazy biz.

    • While we are all reading about how I spend my money… Sean, as I recall, you liked my conference table.. You randomly complimented it on our company Facebook page.. Small world.

      Sean Diamond Ryan
      Your conference table is AMAZING-Like ·  · April 18 at 10:41am · 

      • Well it is (or was)- truly amazing! Nice to see you here! Enjoying your participation! BTW, for the record, Diamond is Mom’s maiden name- Not my idea!!

        Further, I thought your business model was one that I respect as well- I hope what ever you’re into now brings you & your clients great success- Being able to trust a company is 100% of where it can be judged. That trust always starts at the top. There are lots of ways to simply make $; You, Alex & Mike are a few I would trust based on my experience with you all (I know Mike & Alex for a few years now), because I know you are people who consider “success” MORE than simply profits.

        All the best-

        • Thank you Sean,
          I too agree the Settle First office was spectacular.  I can honestly say we have always had a humble office and have always focused on providing great service to our clients.
          I don’t think we should ever be ashamed of self promotion as long as you can back it.  We have paid our sales people salaries and have incentivized the results model ensuring consumers get the best results.
          I am VERY proud of all the people who have been involved in the success of New Era as they are all a part of what has made this company last, form the mail clerk who reads every single letter to seek the best offer to the President of the organization Dan Smith.
          it is our passion for helping people that has been at the core of the longevity, through tough times.  I feel for any and all of the fallen companies who worked very hard to be legitimate while others were cashing in on a quick buck without any intention of delivering results.  Like locust eating through crops.  fortunately there are still some strong companies that have been able to last but not without difficult times, while other potentially good companies were stopped by other factors.
          I realize the net gives people the chance to vent but the truth will always prevail and the people looking out for consumers will continue to survive and one day thrive rightfully.
          Until then I wish all the hardworking companies the best in these tough times where consumers need us the most.

  • I used to work for New Era then went on to open my own DSC. If I lost a potential client to them, I would not only be honored but would OWE Dan Smith our next round of Golf.

  • you wrote…”For over ten years New Era has built key relationships with creditors. This means greater savings for you. In the debt settlement business it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”

    ….um, doesnt this statement violate FTC rules?

    • We certainly do not believe that to be the case.  When you deal with the Banks and collection agencies in a professional manner and become a reliable resource for them, you tend to see better results. 
      I can tell you that most companies that have been around for a long time will experience exactly what I am talking about.
      You are not a Johnny come lately and the creditors recognize that.
      Would that not be in the consumer’s best interest?

      • yes, I agree that it would benefit the consumer but not according to the rule book.

        See pages 18/19…

        Consumer Protection Concerns

        Debt settlement plans, as they are often marketed and implemented, raise several
        consumer protection concerns.  First, many providers’ advertisements and ensuing telemarketing
        pitches include false, misleading, or unsubstantiated representations, including claims that 

        • the provider will or is highly likely to obtain large debt reductions for enrollees, e.g., a
        50% reduction of what the consumer owes; 
        • the provider will or is highly likely to eliminate the consumer’s debt entirely in a specific
        time frame, e.g., 12 to 36 months;
        • harassing calls from debt collectors and collection lawsuits will cease;

        • the provider has special relationships with creditors and expert knowledge about available techniques to induce settlement; and
        • the provider’s service is part of a government program, through the use of such terms as
        “credit relief act,” “government bailout,” or “stimulus money.”

        • I can see how this might be a concern, regardless of how true it may be.  Due to so many people making false statements we are all judged by that and it is a shame but i do completely see the area of concern.
          I will change it right away to be accurate and not give the impression you are taking form the statement.
          Thank you for bringing that to light.

    • In response to 


      I think you’re reaching trying to tie that to a FTC
      violation, but I think were you might be closer would be in the debate of New
      Era stating that “In fact, New Era has settled more debt per client than any
      other debt settlement company in the country.” 
      You probably wouldn’t be reaching that the statement
      violates Section 5 of the FTC Act of unfair or deceptive acts or practices.  And
      for a couple of reasons.  First that DS industry does not use a standardized
      formula across the industry to calculate debt settled.  Secondly, that the
      entire DS does not report their numbers to a central governing body, therefore
      it is impossible to make a comparison across the industry.  And these two facts
      are known by companies. “Known” is key. 
      Certain elements underline all deception cases. First,
      there must be a representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead
      the consumer.   Practices that have been found misleading or deceptive in
      specific cases include false oral or written representations.  Not only do they
      use the above statement on their website, also in what could be an advertisement
      in this article (until it was removed most likely by, which
      is another issue to deal with), but it’s most likely a marketing statement
      used by New Era sales reps as well.  Second, the practice must be viewed from
      the perspective of a consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances. If the
      representation or practice affects or is directed primarily to a particular
      group, the reasonableness from the perspective of that group must be looked at. 
      Third, the representation, omission, or practice must be a “material” one. The
      basic question is whether the act or practice is likely to affect the consumer’s
      conduct or decision with regard to a product or
      That would probably be a more reasonable issue for
      you to debate with regards to an FTC violation. 


      • I would agree that not having a central reporting body has been an issue with the industry and one we are trying to help improve.  The statement was written into the benefits but then removed at our request because that was based on limited scope reporting basis.  It did not include the whole industry so it is not fair to the rest of the companies in the industry that do a fine job for their clients.  In our case it was based a couple of years ago when most companies were enrolling consumers and claiming to do settlement but the numbers showed otherwise.I realize many of us will continue to be judged by the action of many of the actors who are no longer in this industry and have created much of the problems, but the truth remains that many, and I do mean many, people have received a tremendous benefit by dealing with legitimate hard working companies like New Era to help them out of a tough situation.One thing is for certain, debt settlement is not a one size fits all.  It never was and never will be, but for the right people it can work wonders.

        • Alex, that was a terrible answer. Please keep in mind that I have supported a lot of what you said in previous posts; you just compromised all the hard work you did in the past by making that post. Consequently, I now question your sales practices. Using a statement that you are fully aware of being from “a couple years ago” aged data is outright shameful and damn misleading. You are in charge of the company right? That means you sign your name to whatever goes out. And the moment you stated that kind of data into your marketing materials such as a website or other type of documentation, verbal or written, you became like every other Heehaw in this industry. 

          Allow me to clarify my position: Lesson #1: “SUBSTANTIATE” – I, too had regulatory counsel when I owned a DSC. What did they tell me?  “You must substantiate EVERYTHING you say, print or otherwise advertise.” 

          Even a couple years ago that data was inaccurate. And wasn’t the company under a different name then anyway? So, all you have clarified is that you are using a different company’s 2 year aged statistics.. Correct me if I am wrong so far. 

          FYI, there was no governing agency even back when it was DTS or whatever the company name was previously. So even then you were “in the knowledge of” using inaccurate and unsubstantiated advertising statements. 

          Let’s say this. If Smiling Bob had substantiated his claims to having made millions of men bigger, his pills may (or may not) still be on the market. But with success coming so fast, so did the scrutiny. Your replies here are no different. 

          Somebody will always poke holes in your business. So in your defense, I know you are just trying to prove that you are representing a good company. Unfortunately, the wrong way to do that is justify something you can’t possibly stand behind. If you know this industry like you say you do, you know statements like what you made are wrong. 

          Think of it like this. Would the FTC support your statement? How about the AG? Go based on facts. Try “we have settled $xxx for xxx# customers from July 1st 2011 through 10/31/11.” And go based on the balance at time of settlement when calculating true savings %s.  And advertise the amount the accounts grew from enrollment to settlement to be honest when you tell people their balances WILL increase. Not “MAY” increase.. WILL INCREASE… If you do things like this, less people will come at you with doubt out of the gate. 

          The people who “have settled more debt than any other debt relief company” are all lying. All but one. And until there is a “centralized settlement reporting system” then not one company can make claims to being the industry leader, have settled the most debt, have had the highest retention, the most savings, etc.  

          Just the facts my friend. That will speak leagues to the bullshit being spit out by your competition. And that’s just my ten cents worth.. 

          • Hello CMS,  (?)
            I understand why everyone would want to poke holes at anything stated on a blog.  CMS  I never stated we could not substantiate our claims.  I would not be so lame.
            I did state that we have removed that because the reporting is a couple of years old.  There has not been any central reporting to be able to make a determination if it is still accurate today.  At this point no-one can make that claim.
            I am also being respectful of other companies that have done well but have chosen not to be involved with some of the trade organizations.
            I have always tried to be forthcoming in all of our posts, some people have pointed out some things and I have tried to reply in an honest manner.
            I can HONESTLY tell you that for over a decade our numbers have been great.  Does that mean you can please 100% of the people 100% of the time?  NO
            Mike I appreciate your post considering the fact that you have seen us at work.  CMS there is still allot of things wrong with the industry, we are all trying to do the best to help improve it but it is still a long way to go.
            There is still major challenges in providing service for consumers for free.  You might not even notice it since you are no longer in the industry  (from your post) but the issues are still out there.  Some of the other challenges are still due to the “so called” law firms that continue to charge “ADVANCE FEES” and in many instances do nothing but park the clients to eventually drive them into a BK.
            BTW.  I am not sure who has or has not reported numbers but we have reported numbers directly to Center for Responsible Lending directly of the information they request.
            Lastly, CMS there was no other company, we changed our name from DTS to New Era for very specific reasons and have made that public.  There was a press release on it and as a matter of fact the FIRS organization to receive the press release was the BBB.
            So to be clear, YES we have settled over $170,000,000+ and continue to do so with pride knowing that we make a positive impact in the consumers life’s we work with.

          • Alex, please allow me to start this post with an apology. I didn’t see this post until right now. I was not ignoring it. Your post is one hundred percent accurate regarding the problems in the industry and I respect you for putting yourself on the front lines like this. Your responses to points I mentioned were spot on. Unlike mike, I haven’t seen your operation; you can tell a lot about a company by their office…and their staff. I will take Mikes word on that aspect. As for the legal model yes, its setting the debtor up for failure from the beginning.
            Id like to clarify that after reading the posts by New Era that they seem to be trying to address the issues head on and doing the right thing, unlike most.
            New Era has my support and I feel like your answers put you in the empty category of the “good guys” …
            I hope this puts my previous doubts on this post to rest.. I would get into more detail but i’m out at dinner and doing this post from my phone which is proving to be more difficult than I can tolerate. I hope my sincerity is clear in response to your comments.

          • I was there for the name change and getting out to get new POA’s to current clients from the past was a nightmare and believe it or not as much as I know they are a competiton, they do what they say and say what they do. Noone in the world will ever be happy including some computer tough guys trying to drum up business for himself as oppose to giving the consumer the power of option.. DTS changed names for different reasons but none of which people think including your ignorant great face for radio. DTS became a one stop consulting center for the consumer to get all options laid out and ultimately making their own decisions. There was continual growing and knowledge being done at DTS which became New ERA for none of your business but I truly know and it’s because you were one step behing and not one step ahead of them you are upset and underminding. I here EDD is paying well, maybe close your business and live off of us since you are a cancer to companies who actually do good. You really need to get a life and not Carpel tunnel from tyoping your non sense. I can’t even believe you sit there and take so much time to anser a statement then look so ridiculous because a blog is your own dumb opinion just like this dumb opinion of mine is valid and you resemble that remark. Seriously go work for the union and move out of your parents basement. You don’t have a microwave to heat up that tv dinner of yours? Your comments are like welfare, you get it and none of us do. Good luck in your success as a………

        • Here’s a classic example of one of the problems in this industry, I’ll keep this short and sweet; these comments could have been made off line but they weren’t, tell me why that is? New Era didn’t just ride into town with their guns blazing looking to loot and pillage, do you know what it’s like to settle 170 million in debt and earn most of the fees on the back end? Do you think this firm has help a few folks during it’s time in grade? Lighten up gentlemen; drop your weapons or point them in a different direction.

          • Mike, grab a cup of coffee and reread my message- then tell me how you feel about what I wrote. All I said was you HAVE TO BE ABLE TO substantiate what you advertise or it is no different than any other company out there. 170M in settled debt is great.But did New Era settle these debts or did their previous company>>>  

            When a company makes unsubstantiated statements, it takes away from the credibility of other statements which may be totally accurate.

            How could anyone possibly disagree with that?

          • hahaha all this form a guy who spent more resources on having a pretty office and commercials than building a business infrastructure… “Settle First”… More like go out of business First. 

            Kinda ticks me off that you nit pick at a company that probably does 9 out of 10 things right… Regardless of what you put at the bottom, potential clients will find this page and read your lame rant above and give them that bitter impression. 

            Just like Michael said, you got a bone go to Alex directly… You’re just hating posting this online. Sounds more like a bitter guy that couldn’t make it in the new post FTC world. Now let’s hear your excuses… New Era has all those challenges and their still in the game 

            Now go get busy on destroying your next business in 6 months  

          • RDHL-Firm – 

            Please learn how to spell before you come at me like that again. It’s “they’re” still in business; not “their”. And yes, my office was gorgeous. Thank you. I received many compliments on it. You must have seen pictures or visited the office. Do tell…

            For those who don’t know, when I sold my interest in the company I helped build from the ground up in late 2009, I started a company called SettleFirst. I was dedicated to charging NO FEES UP FRONT – well before the industry was blindsided by the early amendments of the TSR (initially scheduled for 6/2012 I believe… it’s been a while, I could be off on that date). During that time I was approached by an Investment Firm in Newport Beach, CA. that was involved in other areas of debt, credit, delinquencies, etc. 

            They offered me the opportunity to open a marketing powerhouse by buying into my company- this was still pre-launch, and the agreed price was $3M for 49%. I received a small chunk of the money, and with an estimated 3-4 months of set up, I began building out the offices, running data cables, building servers, networks, software, phone system, computers, work stations, etc. while they were coming up with the additional funds that were guaranteed by the two owners of the firm; both of which had a decorated background and plenty of dough (as it seemed). You see, I was building a brand, not a half-assed phone room with an affiliate agreement with SCOA, LHDR, EFA, or any of the other companies. I wasn’t doing a wholesale model either. It was just us; we enroll and we service. A TRUSTWORTHY BRAND is what this industry truly needs; and with a CEO to stand in front of it too.  What it doesn’t need is a half a million “agents” across the country all advertising “we settled more debt than anyone else” and promising a freakin purple unicorn to anyone who signs up for debt relief. 

            I spent a decent amount of money on my office and infrastructure; it was an amazing project and an unforgettable experience. Why I closed is irrelevant. But to satisfy you, I was ripped off by for what equates to just under 3M for my company expansion and that crippled what I had built.  I also issued 49% of the company for the 3M and they were never able to come up with the cash. So, my fault for signing papers issuing stock before the check cleared; my fault. After almost 5 months of legal battles, I had a very difficult time finding a way to get my heart back into the debt settlement arena. I decided to cut my losses and move on. So, as you see, I got screwed on the deal. 

            Curious, though, how is my company closing, what I spent on my gorgeous 22′ maple conference table vinyl wrapped with my logo inside my Penthouse office conference room with hard wood floors on the 15th floor of one of the nicest corporate parks in greater Orange County relevant to this thread? Or was it the private elevator with custom wall wraps of who we are and what we do?

            I didn’t pay for it with advanced fees, so kiss my ass.  Are you jealous
            of my office? You should have applied for a job. I would’ve loved to have fired you. Did you come in? I hope you grabbed a couple SettleFirst notepads on your way out down…

            The only reason you don’t like me is because you know me and you know what I stand for so with that, I say with all my heart, eat shit and choke on it.  I have spent more money on growing my businesses the right way than you’ll legitimately make in your career in this industry. My old company is not of any relevance to this thread, but bet as sure as any, you would find NO false advertising, no bullshit settlement letters on my site. No “we do this better than everyone else” statements and CERTAINLY nothing that was unsubstantiated. In fact, we hadn’t opened at the time we built our website or made our videos, so we couldn’t say we “did” anything because we hadn’t done it yet. That’s the definition of SUBSTANTIATED that I was getting across in previous threads. That would be false advertising. We could only advertise our principles and values at the time of inception: how the company was built, and why, etc. We said “we don’t charge you a penny, until we save you a dollar” and with that, each file had an underwriting process to make sure they weren’t being set up for failure. All employees were paid NOT ON SALES, but hourly and based on the amount of debt we save dour customers. Not like people like you who get excited every time the phone rings. You needed to do more than just fog a mirror to qualify for what we offered. Likely fogging a mirror allows prospects to sign your advanced retainer fee agreement I would assume, no? How much do
            your sales agents make on a new deal? Mine made an hourly guarantee and everyone was paid on savings performance. I am available for consulting if you would like my ten cents; my two cents was free.

            For the record, this thread, and others like it are for everyone to discuss, not JUST for consumers to read. So, if you are relying on getting customers from this, you are an idiot. If New Era has their mind set on getting customers from this thread while making statements like “settled more debt than anyone blah blah blah” and not expecting somebody like me to say things that I said, that would be ignorant.

            As you recognized my post below, you saw that I supported their efforts of trying to be transparent. So, I will move on.

            What company do you lie to people at?  I’ll play with you.

            Question to you:  You posted this as “RDHL Firm”, is that LHDR
            backwards? As in Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? If so, you’re already on my list. But something tells me that’s not who you are. Something tells me we know each other. Hell, I typed my last 5 year biography; the real question is do you have what it takes to type your name next time.  

            Tell me, are you looking at Lake Shore Towers or Maggiano’s? Or are you in some dump on North Harbor Blvd? Let’s narrow it down.

            And now, I would like to get back to the yard sale ventures with my beautiful wife on this wonderful Saturday afternoon.   


          •  In response to  Michael Reilly,
            Emerge America
            I hate getting sucked into any
            postings on the site, and against my better judgment I’ll toss in one final
            post.  Why not here?  The DS industry always talks about the
            consumer first, transparency and compliance, but I’ve never seen a company in
            the industry concerned with cleaning up their own backyard publicly.  New Era posted that article for one reason,
            and that was to use this public platform to solicit consumers.  So here’s a
            company that uses data that can’t be validated b/c companies don’t report their
            data.  They’re telling distressed
            consumers “Hey come with us, b/c no other company settles as much as we do. And
            if you go with another company you’ll have less of a chance of settling your
            debt than with us”.  That’s what their
            statement says.  And you want to leave
            that statement out there for consumers to read, and discuss behind close doors,
            behind the consumers back that a company is placing misleading information out
            there for them to read, and use in their decision making process.  Doesn’t sound so good when you put like that
            does it?
            Now here’s there excuse for
            taking it down
            “we have removed that because the
            reporting is a couple of years old.  There has not been any central reporting to
            be able to make a determination if it is still accurate today”. 
            That data wasn’t accurate back
            then, the day it came out it was no good, and that’s b/c the industry doesn’t
            report their data.  And of the few that
            sent in data to the FTC, they didn’t sit down and agree on a standardized
            formula to calculate things.  And on top
            of all things, New Era doesn’t apologize to the consumer for posting misleading
            information in the article, they apologized to other companies.  For an industry that shouts what consumer
            advocates they are, how was that consume first? Not even a mention or a thought
            of the consumer and the whole point of the article was consumer solicitation.

            One of the problems the FTC and
            AG’s have, is they don’t like when companies use statements such as that it
            makes them unique or special, and there’s no actual data to substantiate the
            facts.  One of the reasons they said no
            examples of settlement letters on websites is b/c companies were cherry picking
            their best letters and it might not be representative of the population.  It shouldn’t matter how long a company has been in
            the DS industry, they shouldn’t be afforded a break publicly.   You guys
            really should be cleaning up your own backyards, calling out companies, turning
            them in to overseeing state and federal agencies.  But I suppose the problem is no one is really
            100% compliance on both a federal and state level.  I see it all the time, you get a company that
            acknowledges one state and registers with them, but then doesn’t acknowledge
            another states legislation, and doesn’t. 
            Acknowledges the TSR (or only parts of it) but doesn’t acknowledge other
            federal regulations.  It shouldn’t be
            personal gentlemen, it’s just business. 

          • The debt settlement Industry as a whole never talked about “consumers first” until the rulebook was updated but, if you were following along prior to that event you would have noticed there were a few who did. You’re right, this is business, the business of going to bat for consumers who otherwise can’t do it themselves, which for me and a select group of others makes it personal. When I believe I’m seeing something that’s cause for concern and it’s coming from that select group (a group I feel comfortable with) I feel it’s an off-line notification/discussion.

            New York took a real hard look at New Era’s back yard and thought it was well maintained, I think the issue at hand for some may be competition and if the statements that were retracted “publically” make a difference or make you feel better, well that’s great, however if you felt it gave them that little extra competitive edge, you should quit the business asap.

          • Michael, that’s BS. There were companies talked about “putting the consumer first” before the rules changed. Here is an opening line from one of my old PR- TSR-AMMENDMENT infomercials back at SettleFirst- (Not to mention the name says SETTLE FIRST. As in settle FIRST, not pay fees first. 

            “Imagine a restaurant that charged based on how good their food tastes. Or a gym that got paid for every pound you lose. A consumer should only pay for a product or service that delivers results and satisfaction.”

            It’s just that there are many more that didn’t care. I think all that is trying to be said here is that if you are going to come out with something, expect people to poke holes in it. By suggesting this should be done offline defeats the purpose of a discussion in a public forum. Like you said to Phdoc0, if you feel this should be done offline then you don’t feel like the people being poked at can hold their own… Maybe THEY should quit the business. You said NY took a hard look at their business. Well, I just left the Attorney Generals office and I’ll be damned if they know a fraction of what goes on in this business, and they are supposed to be governing their state. With all due respect, you cant manage what you cant see. Most regulators don’t know what to look for.. * To clarify, I am not implying NEDS is doing anything wrong, I just don’t feel like their answers are very sensible, nor are they that of a company who is focused on offering the right information to the public; it seems more like a sales tool. But then again, so am I, right?  

          • To PHDOC0 and CMS, I understand you both completely…. I really do and I’m confident that you both understand where I’m coming from as well so lets not play dumb. We’re not talking about some 2-4 year old rouge player that’s been ripping off consumers for several years now attempting to go straight like so many others I know of, or even worse, one that’s loopholing the system to continue the looting…. If you really believe that, maybe you should take a trip out to their HQ and look over some stats, understand what you’re dealing with, I know you’ll be quite suprised.

            Jonathon, have a glass of vino and re-read my post 😉 i stated there was a small group, and I quote “if you were following along prior to that event you would have noticed there were a few who did”. Bottom line, maybe it’s me, the way I was brought up, maybe my miltitary service…Marines police their own…whatever…. I would have and will, if the occasion arose again, handle something like this much differently than the both of you.

            It’s quite clear to me you guys don’t really know much about NEDS so I’ll leave it at that.

            Enjoy the weekend guys!

          • Fair enough Mike. I tip my hat to them for making the effort to improve. As for “policing your own” I would love to give out some brillow pad parties to some of the people in this industry. I think you made good points, and in all fairness, I am not attacking NEDS, I was only questioning (albeit strongly) his answers on some things. I find humbly admitting to our past mistakes and fixing them the best way to answer something. I was the CEO of a wholesale model, I saw the mistakes we were making, I no longer believed in the manner we delivered our service, I couldn’t change human nature of the lazy staff, so I left. We all handle things different buddy!  Good job to NEDS for seeing how to improve and doing it!

            Alex, hats off to you for putting yourself out there and trying to do well by doing good. I hope that you have great success in getting people out of debt; of course, that’s what we are all here for, right? (well, not me… but you guys)
            Have a great weekend everyone! I’m going to (try to) keep all forms of electronics away from tweeting and posting reach. I’m tired and would enjoy some non-debt-talk with my beautiful wife 🙂 

            PS: I hate wine.  

          • So the consensus is that if you only break some of the rules
            you are ok and if you get challenged and caught making an false claims and say I
            am sorry its ok – nice to see new era take the same claims off the web site as
            well and Mike ( small fish) since you are new to the industry ( A post TSR company)
            I will find another thread to share your managements 15 year plus felonious activity
            but for those that are curious begin here


            Individuals Barred or Suspended

            Steven Anthony Anello (CRD #2101112, Registered

            Principal, Portchester,
            New York) submitted a Letter of

            Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent in which he was barred from

            association with any NASD member in any principal or

            supervisory capacity with a right to reapply after three
            years, and

            suspended from association with any NASD member in any

            capacity for 30 days. In light of the financial status of
            Anello, no

            monetary sanctions have been imposed. Without admitting or

            denying the allegations, Anello consented to the described

            sanctions and to the entry of findings that he failed to

            reasonably supervise the registered representatives in his

            to detect and prevent the recurrence of continuous and

            sales practice abuses.

            Anello’s suspension began June 3, 2002, and

            concluded at the close of business July 2, 2002. (NASD Case



            So this might be reason why emerge does not want public

          • First off, I have been in the debt settlement industry for approximately 3 years and Emerge America was formed October 2009 so is that post or pre TSR?

            Small fish, interesting comment but, in the big sceme of things I would agree, I consider my firm “small fish” today.

            Don’t want public debates? I have commented more than 300 times on this site under my name specifically and have been involved in some very passionate debates…wake up son.

            With regards to the management team, the individual you reference is no longer involved with EA in any capacity and holds no ownership rights in the company. Go to my website and check out my blog, there you will find a little piece on DIY and Debt Coaching, Steve’s background was questioned by a well known figure here and he provided a direct answer.

            If you were half the man Steve is you would tell us all who you are facebook boy, why hide?

            Oh, one final note, its clear to me you don’t know how the street works, Wall Street that is….

          • 1) Actually it’s grammar not spelling you knucklehead. Since I’m only writing a comment on a blog and not a thesis, i’ll live haha

            2) LHDR isn’t supposed to represent me. Predictable clown. It’s to remain anonymous 🙂 Since you spent an hour writing your post you can likely look at the history of my posts and seem how much smack i talk on that model. 

            3) What clown spends all this money on an office before building a business infrastructure??? Jealous you say? No, amazed anyone that would be that crazy and dumb. 

            You hired plenty of people that were also amazed at your stupidity, “building a brand” before you realized the 1 problem…. how to get the phone to ring!

            anyways, i feel kinda bad so i’ll stop now. Just funny we got someone on here that knows NOTHING about building a business other than an easy back end model and he’s on here blasting New Era. 

          • James, After looking at your profile activity I saw your many posts about them; we agree on something.  And your name. Idiot.

            To summarize, you are basically taking personal shots at my “failures” and contributing absolutely nothing here industry related? For the record, my employees all received paychecks. None of them bounced. I broke no laws, and shut the company down voluntarily.  

            Again, I ask how is my past business venture in any way relevant to this thread? I am taking shots at people who misrepresent their services in this industry and are screwing people. You say I know nothing about building a business. Let’s both mutually agree with that to satisfy your assumptions: but we weren’t talking about building a business. We were all talking about advertising, substantiating our claims and the specifics of the debt relief industry; how much money I spent on building out my office was my decision, and not at all relevant.

            As shown in this thread, my doubts about New Era have been addressed and put to rest, and I believe they are in the business for the right reasons doing the right things.

            Anonymous: It’s easy to talk shit behind a screen name, huh? It’s not difficult to surmise how you feel about me now; and your proclivities are most intriguing. Do you think you could help me on a more personal level next time I’m in town? I’ll be out in Newport again in a couple weeks. Be sure to find me and tell me more in person!

          • I’d also like to add that if “how I spend my money” is the worst thing anyone can come up with about me, I’m sitting pretty good, aren’t I..       🙂

    • Actually I don’t mean to be captain obvious but who you know is half the battle because who you know will really fight for your deal unless assigned to someone else my friend. If that someone else is having a bad day or year and think everyone owes them the debt personally then that who you know 35k a year salary person who hates their live will make you hate yours if possible. You know the telephone tough guy. Also the clients overall situation is actually the determining factor when trying to obtain the lowest deal possible. Banks or creditors or debt buyers will actually pre-sets guidlines/perameters (collection agencies based on aggrigate depending where the debt is located at), The agencies has set perameters that are right down to the lowest amount to the “t” 90% of the time. This may be off from their said lowest they can get approved due to making the creditors goal or possibly losing a deal completely as well . Anything is possible though if you catch the right person at the right time and handle the conference call correctly. Is your screen name notsureaboutthisone because you are not sure really how the industry works or not sure if this industry is right for your living. You can make probably the same off re collecting EDD again and finding another industry to blog your ignorant opinions about. If I see you riding your bike on the street I will assume you aren’t working out, but have been repossessed. Let New Era or I know if you need our assistance on settling your debt since our contacts are the same and we do get the best deals. Later skater….I mean MR.BMX.

    •  Hi,
      New Era has a referral relationship set up with Bright Credit for clients that do not fit New Era’s guidelines. Your info was forwarded due to not meeting New Era’s minimum enrollment criteria.

    •  Hi,
      New Era has a referral relationship set up with Bright Credit for clients that do not fit New Era’s guidelines. Your info was forwarded due to not meeting New Era’s minimum enrollment criteria.

      • New Era has settled more debt per client than any other debt settlement company in the nation.

        How do you make this claim?
        Did not see DTS/ New ERA at the FTC in 2008 with data 
        What research and auditing was involved?

        Did not see DTS/ New Era in 2099 at the FTC

        What certifications does DTS/New Era hold?

        Do you have a case study as a reference – here is ours

        • One thing I always find humorous in the DS industry is the number of firms that claim the same thing.  The two big marketing concerns in the industry are BBB ratings and the a company settles the more debt in the industry than anyone else.  But yet in both 2008 and 2009 when the FTC requested hard data (quantitative) from the DS industry (and gave ample time, even extended deadlines), no company ever produced an ounce of actual real hard data.  A couple of companies sent in some survey data (which is qualitative, not quantitative that the FTC was looking for), there was also some data that was made up and sent in, and when the data was analyzed you could easily see that it was in fact made up (sort of reminded me of when you’re a kid trying to pull something over on your parents, and then when you’re an adult you look back and realize that you weren’t fooling anyone but yourself).  It’s just really humorous. 

      • Alex, how do you receive confidential information from a consumer and then give it to someone else without the consumer’s knowing this? Do you monitor what Bright Credit does? Can Bright Credit forward the consumer information along to someone else if it does not meet their criteria? How is the consumer protected from having their information, in effect a “lead”, sold down the line? Is there any type of compensation to New Era for passing the lead to Bright Credit? Are there other “referral relationships” that New Era has set up? Sorry about all the questions Alex, but one of the things about the industry that is problematic is a consumer who thinks he/she is giving info to one company only to be contacted by someone they never heard of, ala 10KHole.

        • Hi Fitz,
           That is a terrific question. Although we do not often pass on the client’s information to other companies, we feel it is our responsibility to assist consumers in finding a possible solution to their needs.  We do not sell the leads to anyone and do have a privacy policy which will notify consumers about the potential of passing on the information to a more suitable provider.
          We have done our due diligence and do monitor people that are forwarded to ensure they are being handled properly.
          I absolutely agree the issue with this industry is the forwarding to several companies as a lead company.
          We have and will continue to have other “Referral Relationships” that will be in the consumer’s best interest, unlike other companies, I believe our track record and history speaks volume for how consumer oriented we are.  I cannot speak for the industry and how they handle their leads or clients.

          • Are you saying that New Era does not receive compensation for the referral? Also, I noticed that the company “Bright Solutions” is not listed in the NV BBB. No record whatsoever. The corporation is listed as “Active” under William and Deborah Shepherd but the address listed is for a “Corporate Service Center” for registering LLCs. The addresses they list on the site are 7495 W Azure Dr (which they have a picture of on their site) but that address only lists the following businesses:

            At this address:
            Accelerated Funding Group‎ –
            American National Insurance Co‎ –
            David Salmon & Associates‎ –
            G B Insurance Professionals, INc‎ –
            International Gaming Consultants, Inc.‎ –
            KR CPA LLC‎ –
            Office Squad‎ –
            Painted Desert Realty‎ –
            Patriot Parks Management: Commercial Real Estate Investing Company‎ –
            Prudential Americana Group‎ –

            The other address listed is8414 Farm Rd. This looks like a shopping Mall. It had no listing for “Bright Credit” either. Doesn’t sound like the consumers are handed off to a reputable organization. At least not a transparent one. Sorry to sound like a jerk but if we are going to believe this “accolade system” on this blog, then it has to have merit. Can you explain this situation?

          • Hi Hallofjustice,
             I think you looked up the wrong company.  The other issue with this industry is the similarity of company names. It drive me crazy too.  The company is BRIGHT CREDIT.  We have a very basic rev. share model for the people that do decide to work with them.  We are not lead vendors and have never been. 
            Maybe that has been a ton of loss revenues but we have always felt that it is our responsibility to point consumers in the right direction, even if that direction is not ours.
            I have always said and will continue to say…Debt Settlement is not a one size fits all.  Never has been and will never be that.  It is AN option, one that consumers need to have a chance to get out of debt and get their financial life back in order.  it is not a panacea to their financial woes or the economy…simply an option.

          • Can you provide some details on Bright Credit? The only “Bright Credit” I could find on the internet was the one I mentioned. Is there another “Bright Credit” other than the one I found at If so, can you give us their web address or info on them?

      • I laugh about the Radio ads and TV ads that state if you have 5k of debt or more we can help you…. What do you feel like if you are the unlucky guy with $4950.00 worth of debt and no available credit left…….. YOUR SCREWED OR WHAT, LMAO….

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