First Ever Central Florida Law Firm To Be Forced To Resign From BBB

KEL law firm, formally Kaufman, Englett & Lynd, has been forced to resign from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Central Florida. The resignation of this Orlando based law firm marks “the first area law firm to be ousted in the business-rating agency’s 27-year history.”

Apparently the BBB has complained that over the past year KEL has failed to resolve complaints that arose which resulted in them receiving a rare “F rating” for a law firm.

In the past three years KEL has resolved all but three of the 39 filed complaints but the BBB felt their slow pace of tackling 27 in the last 12 months alone was enough to remove accreditation.

“Once a company no longer meets our standards, they are not eligible to have the BBB accreditation,” Judy Pepper, the agency’s chief executive officer says. “We will give those companies the opportunity to resign, or their membership will be revoked” – Source.

While KEL has denied allegations of dropping the ball BBB consumer complaints say that many paid thousands of dollars in fees for foreclosure-defense and mortgage-modification services that were never provided or poorly executed. A KEL representative said last week that “the firm worked diligently to address the complaints, which constituted only a tiny fraction of the firm’s 15,000 cases during the past three years” and that KEL had indeed resigned from the BBB’s accredited membership program but purely out of protest.

The Johnson Law Group of Orlando is the only other local law firm that has received more complaints than KEL during the three year time period with 45 complaints and accompanies them on the F rating list. However, The Johnson Law Group is not a member of the BBB.

Larry Glinzman, a spokesman for Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, said it is unfortunate that people buy into the notion that they must pay so much for legal help to save their home from foreclosure.

“The truth is many people really don’t need a lawyer for loan-modification assistance,” he said. “Why hire a lawyer when you can get help for free? Most people qualify for it these days; you can call our agency and any number of agencies. We have a reduced-fee program, as well, for people don’t qualify for the free help” – Source.

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