Arrest Warrants Issued for Orange County Men Involved in Mortgage Modification Business

A tipster (send in your tips here) has just informed me that arrest warrants have been issued for Curtis Melone and Christopher Fox in Orange County, California.

A check of the states of the action shows that Curtis Melone is currently in receiving at the jail. The Orange County Court website shows Fox to be a fugitive along with King Harris. Melone also has a listed alias with the court of Curtis James Kubat.

Both men operated under such business names as Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Solutions, Green Credit Services, Erickson Law Group, Green Credit Law and PacWest Funding. – Source

Fox, 35, of Redondo Beach, and Melone, 35, of Huntington Beach, promised homeowners facing foreclosure that they could help with loan modifications. Complaints to the bar and other state agencies indicated the men did nothing to help clients while also misleading the clients to believe that services would be performed or supervised by an attorney.

Both arrest warrants indicate the felony charges are grand theft, embezzlement, and property damage. The bail amount is set at $500,000.


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7 thoughts on “Arrest Warrants Issued for Orange County Men Involved in Mortgage Modification Business”

    • If you click on the image I included in the story you can see I accurately reported the label the court had assigned him at the time of the story. His release status is ‘fugitive.’

      I’m not clear if you are upset the court labeled his status as fugitive or that I factually reported it.

      • The image is from the original warrant issued 1 day before the story. Notice melone’s status as fugitive as well. They were pretty much booked together and at no point was one apprehended and the other on the run as a “fugitive” as the story cleverly implies.

        • Actually, if you look at the image you will see the screen shot was taken at 2011-12-06-at-11.38.25-AM as I wrote the story. If the court was not providing accurate information that would be an issue for you to take up with the courts site.


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