Unauthorized access to bank account. – Miranda

My account was debited by my then bank from my savings account to cover charges for my checking account that they closed after we had resolved the issue of overdraft fees and charges, well so it was communicated to me but they were planning another trap.

My account went into overdraft on a Friday for the whole weekend until the following Monday. All of my purchases were authorized by the bank. Prior to the first overdraft, unknowns to me, I had a transaction that was denied by the same bank on Wednesday of the same week my account went into overdraft that Friday.

I had money in my savings account at the time to cover the $3.00 difference to prevent the overdraft but the bank would not take the money from my account. Prior to this event, they had been soliciting for purchase of their overdraft protection plans for a monthly fee.

It was not feasible since I did not use checks and very little use of the debit/credit card. I had been in a haggle with the bank branches because they would not setup overdraft between my checking and savings account that was free although I complained to the 1800 customer support line the bank never setup the overdraft accounts.

After I wrote, a letter to the CEO about this they bank did setup the accounts for overdraft and cleared off the fees that were charged to my account. What the bank went and did next and did not tell me was applied another charge to my account that put it over its limit and then closed the checking account and then went into my savings account without my permission to get the amount they had fraudulently applied to my account. No one would account to why they did not do this initially with the $3.00 because I did not authorize the last debit of my account neither.

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Whom do I need to contact about this? Is there an attorney that handles these situations?


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  1. Hi Miranda,

    Thank you for enrolling in “Banking Fee Tricks and Traps 101”.

    The problem with seeking attorney assistance with something like this is the economy of the whole thing does not work too well.
    You as a single client may have only been damaged a couple hundred dollars tops. Your attorney bill would be many many times that. You would have to be pursuing something like this based on principal in order to commit to the cost. The attorney would have to be a fairly minded individual about the fees too.
    It may be that you could be the named plaintiff in a class action which would bring an economy of scale to the effort.

    What state do you live in?
    What is the name of the bank you are referring to?

    • I live in Georgia.  The
      bank name is Best Bank but the parent company is Guaranty Bank located in

      Mailing Address                             

      4000 West Brown Deer Road

      Brown Deer, WI  53209



      (8:30am-5pm CST Mon-Fri)




      • Thanks for the reply Miranda.
        I was unable to locate more than a couple of complaints about BestBank and the same type of bad business practices you experienced.
        You could next contact the consumer affairs department at:

        Governor’s Office of Consumer
        2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 356 Atlanta, GA 30334-4600
        404-651-8600 1-800-869-1123 (Outside Atlanta)
        Fax: 404-651-9018 consumer.georgia.gov

        You may learn something helpful from their website as well.


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