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Payday lender says I will be put in jail by sheriff

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My payday loan is 3 years old and set up payment arrangement so I fell behind with it being me the only one working so today jan10,2012 I received a phone call saying I need to call them by 12noon are they going to file charges so I left a messahe on mrs austin saying that they van take the 89 dollars next week my rent came first so then micheal called and I told him I already left the message telling her to take the 89 so I told him that I wantef the information do I can lerp it gor my records so make a long story short he saif find a lawyer they going to put me in how long do I have before I get served


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  • These are scams.  I have gotten these as well.  I actually called the company they claims was suing me and they told me it is a total scam.  Don’t pay them anything.  I would contact your payday loan company and talk to them before you do anything else.

  • If the debt is being collected by a 3rd party, It is highly unlikely that you can be arrested. I would suggest however, that you file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Harassment by collectors is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. YOU HAVE RIGHTS!

  • There are no longer any “Debtor Prisons”.  They are trying to scare you, you cannot be arrested for not paying them.  The payday loan industry are leeches, they take advantage of the desparate among us.

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