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Proof of Illegal Fee Splitting With Attorney Model Debt Settlement Company

A tipster (send in your tips here) has sent in an email that came from one of the attorney model debt settlement companies still operating.

The email makes mention of the company signing up new affiliates that were looking for a new home after leaving Bay View Law Group.

The most interesting part of the email is the following statement made by the law firm.

We also defend the client if they get sued at no extra cost. We are still a performance model where we do not collect for DS fees until we settle but as the attorneys go in an protect the client’s assets and perform some financial planning and bankruptcy screening, they do collect legal fees for that which allows you to get paid at the beginning.

[We] will defend [the affiliate] if there is ever an issue with the FTC and with the client signing direct with us (you actually still get to take the client all the way through the signing) you are protected from complaints as they go straight to [law firm].

I realize many are frustrated by debt relief companies operating under the attorney model but as more things like this come out it slowly closes the door on that approach.

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