LegalZoom Appears to Hook Up With Legal Helpers / Macey Bankruptcy Law

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me a link to the LegalZoom site where apparently Macey Bankruptcy Law (AKA Legal Helpers) is now the bankruptcy provider on the Legal Zoom Site. – Source

Apparently LegalZoom did their due diligence and had no problem with the Legal Helpers past issues and the C- BBB rating. Over the past three years the BBB reports 207 complaints filed, with 88 in just the last twelve months. – Source

Congratulations to Macey Bankruptcy Law for landing such a major site to work out a deal with.

It would be interesting to find out of the testimonial on the bottom of the LegalZoom page is really that of a Macey Bankruptcy Law client or just a generic consumer.


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4 thoughts on “LegalZoom Appears to Hook Up With Legal Helpers / Macey Bankruptcy Law”

  1. There goes the neighborhood. The sad part is that a large company like Legal Zoom would have absolutely done their homework before getting into bed with Macey/LHDR and yet Legal Zoom still chose that route ignoring all the negative press and harm being done to consumers.  Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!!  

  2. Just like it would be interesting to see if all your comments are real and not planted. It just burns your ass that Macey got through and is still making money and you had to shut down. Debt settlement took the ccc profit and destroyed it you trying to destroy debt settlement guys who took your cheese.

  3. There are very few Nationwide BK firms… Probably why you still refer to Total BK… Its too bad LZ is too dumb to know just how gig a mistake they made but why should just the little people get hurt by Legal Helpers when a big corporation can too?


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