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Oh Dear – Debt Help and Answers Site Needs Help

Written by Steve Rhode

Someone asked me to look at, and so I did. Clearly what we have here is a small player who is trying to attract potential customers. The site appears to be for a Marcella Hill.

My clients are everyday American’s who are facing financial crisis due to the current economy and personal hardships. My clients are served by me, Marcella Hill. My mission is to provide relevant, accurate and customized services for those who can no longer manage their debt load and need personal service. – Source

The site seems very basic and is actually still using an Obama video on it. Surprising considering all the flack generated from that.

But anyway, the glaring issue I found was the quiz.

As you will see on the image below. I answered each quiz question showing I did not need help. The result when you hit the results button? You guessed it, “You overwhelmed with DEBT STRESS.” (This time the typo isn’t mine.)

Interactive quizzes can be fun and all that but seriously, if you are going to have an interactive quiz on the site at least have the results make sense.

And then there is this puzzling chart on the debt settlement page.

Does anyone have a clue how debt settlement only results in a negative impact on the credit score for four years? Now I might guess that what they were trying to say was that the credit can be rebuilt but if that’s the case then why is chapter 13 bankruptcy listed as ten years when it’s only on the credit report for seven? And where is the column for chapter 7 bankruptcy to make an actual comparison?

Take a look at the site at and offer your suggestions for improvements in the comments below. Maybe we can actually Marcella Hill correct some of the errors and issues we find and make it a better site for her and her clients.


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  • I think the first thing the owner of the website needs to do is hire someone who actually can write full sentences in English!

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