Sam’s Club Discover Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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4 thoughts on “Sam’s Club Discover Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. I was in our local Sams Club store in Greensburg, PA and was purchasing eye glasses.  I was talked into getting a “Sams Club Discover” card to save some money.  I filled out the form and received my temporary card.  Two weeks later no glasses and I received a bill for payment due within the next 16 days.  I called the “Sams Club Discover” and spoke to a person from India for some help with the due date since I don’t have the glasses.  The result was a dispute and when I said Wow my other “Discover” card would do more I was informed that they are not “Discover” they are “Sams Club Discover” a different division.  I also called “Discover” and they told me the same.  When I called the Sams Club Greensburg store the sales associates in the eye ware dept. and customer service at the fornt of the store told me they are the same and I said no they were not.  I did speak to the store manager and he confirmed that I received my paperwork in the store and it states GE Capital is the bank and they are the same.  I understand that “Discover” goes along with Walmart and Sams Club using their name but for the store employees to tell customers that you receive all the same great benefits of “Disover” is wrong.  I will cancel my card, but I feel this practice within their stores should be stoped.  Everytime they get someone to sign up they receive a monetary kick back.  It should be told “Sams Club Discover” is of another divsion of “Discover”

  2. This week my Sam’s Discover information was used for purchases of nearly $7,000.00  I have been a member for over 12 years.  I received no alerts, no call, nothing.  Wouldn’t multiple large purchase flag something.  I couldn’t hardly understand the operator that helped me, but I didn’t manage to cancel the account.  She said the purchases were already approved.  I called the online retailers used and had them cancel the orders.  No I am awaiting credits.  Ridiculous that the only way I knew my account was compromised was because the scammer changed my online password, address, telephone number, etc. The shipping address to the scammer was in NC, I am in IN.  I permanently cancelled my account.  Too scary with no better control than that.  

    • Please make sure you follow-up your fraud statement by sending Discover a certified return receipt letter through the post office and law out your story. You will need to have proof handy in the future that you promptly notified them of the scam so you are not held responsible for the charges. You may also want to submit an identity theft alert with the credit bureaus and most certainly you should monitor your credit report for any other fraudulent activity.

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