Lowe’s Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • What were the fees charged by Lowe’s Credit Card?
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1 thought on “Lowe’s Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Also, whatever you do never-ever use your Lowes credit card to carry no-interest promo purchase AND make regular 5% Lowes Card discount purchases. It’s OK to do one or the other but never carry both together. The reason is because when you make a monthly payment, even if it’s above the minimum amount due, even if the payment is enough to cover the 5% discounted purchases in full for that billing period plus the amount to cover any minimum amount due for the no-interest promo purchases, the amount paid for that billing period will be proportionately divided among all of your outstanding credit purchases. This will leave a balance due on the regular 5%-discount purchases which incurs an interest charge which easily offsets any 5% discount saving.

    The same goes for returns. If you make a return of an item purchased on your Lowes credit card, and let’s say the item was purchased taking the 5% discounted regular-purchase deal, the return credit will be proportionately divided among your outstanding balances on both interest free-promo purchase and regular purchases. For this reason, your regular purchases balance will be higher that you would expect which will undoubtedly incur unexpected interest charges. In the last two to three years since I’ve had my Lowes credit card featuring the 5% discount deal, I have incurred more interest charges and been on the phone with GE Capital customer service than I have with all the other credit-cards that I’ve carry for over the last 30+years combined. Except for long term no interest promo deals, I always pay every credit-card in-full monthly since I have carried a credit card. With the Lowes Card, I would think that I was paying enough to not incur any interest charges, but for the above highly obscured reasons, I found that I was wrong. I even had one the GE Capital customer-service rep tell me that she wished that the payment credit terms were spelled out clearly as it would make her job alot easier. GE Capital not only needs to spell out the terms more clearly on their website and printed statement, but also needs to allow the customer to direct which portion of your payment gos to pay down which purchases.

    I did finally solve this problem today. I paid the total amount in full, even though I carried a number of interest-free promos with lot of time left, but it’s just is not worth the hassle of dealing with Lowes and GE Capital’s deceptive practices. From now on I’ll use my Discover Card do most of home improvement shopping at Home Depot and Ace, and Lowes can keep their so-call deals.


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