Can the Farrell Law Group Collect on My American Web Loan Account? – Tammy

I got a loan from American Web Loan and I though I paid this back in the amount of 360.00.Then I received a call from Eric at The Farrell Laws Group LLC at Po Box 32274 Kansas City Missouri 64171 Who says American Web Loan turned it over to them and they want me to pay them 900.00 or a settelment of 500.00.I forwarded all the e-mails to them from the other company and they said I paid the wrong company. Now i must pay them a one time payment of 500.00 with in 3 days of else.{ but they wont say what or else means} When I ask what OR ELSE means all they say is do you realize you are talking to a LAW OFFICE.

Is That Farrell Law Office licensed in the State Of Florida? What is the limit of repaying a payday lone in the State Of Florida?

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4 thoughts on “Can the Farrell Law Group Collect on My American Web Loan Account? – Tammy”

  1. I called the number that was left on my answering machine and the woman that I spoke to (Kimberly Taylor) stated she worked for Mr. Farrell but refused to give me his first name.  She also refused to answer any of my questions and hung up on me.  Now I have to ask you does this sound like a reputable law firm or even a reputable collection agency?  I think not. I called back again and spoke with someone else and she also refused to give me any information.  They both sounded like sex operators lol.  I don’t think this is legit at all and totally unprofessional in nature.

  2. Don’t pay them!!!!!  It seems that this is probably another loop in the payday loan scam saga.  I got and still get numerous calls from men and woman with heavy accents claiming i owe for payday loans and they work for law firms.  And if this is really a collection agency why are they masking themselves under the disguise of a law firm?????  Misrepresentation???   And these same people claiming to be john smith with heavy accents also threatened me with bodily harm, arrest and harm to my family.  REALLY? 

  3. Tammy,

    The Farrell Law Group has a Better Business Bureau rating of F. Eric was making fairly broad claims when he said you were talking to a law office. You are talking with an out of state collection agency subject to all the laws governing collections. Your questions are really not relevant. The real question is do you owe this debt? If you do and you can settle, you may just want to make an offer. If you don’t owe this debt you should contest it in writing. If you paid $300 to company that was not authorized to take the $300, you have a claim against that company. 

    If you owe this debt and can’t settle you should expect the usual collection efforts. The collectors could seek a judgment. I would not however expect Eric to fly to Florida and do bodily harm to you for $500. You seem a bit confused about this debt so you might want to seek advice from someone experienced in debt collection.

    Good Luck!

    • Farrell law group, clear creek lending, loanpointusa, smith haynes and watson and american web loan are all thebsame company but masked their names to avoid having to obide by fdcpa laws. I used to work there under the American Web Loan.entity.but found it odd that all media inquiries had to be directed to Eric Lau right across the hall with Farrell Law group. Try calling 9138251200 this is the number to MacFarlane group and all the companies listed above. The address is 6950 W 56th street mission, ks 66202.


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