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Greenleaf Finance Ltd UK – Consumer Complaint – 5-10-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: May 4, 2012

State You Live in: United Kingdom

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £39.99

Company Name: Greenleaf Finance Ltd

Company Address:

35 St. Pauls Square
Birmingham B3 1QX
United Kingdom

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I have been charged a loan fee of £39.99 i am un employed so this is an amount i cannot afford the company took the fee but since then i have heard nothink from them or from a lender to say i have a loan.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have emailed them and i have been ignored and i have heard this company are scammers so i fear i will not get my fee reinburst nor get a loan

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  • IF ANYONE HAS DEALINGS WITH THIS COMPANY GET INTOUCH WITH THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN OR READ BELOW HOW I DEALT WITH IT. TAKE NOTICE OF THE E-MAIL ADDRESS AT THE BOTTOM IN THE NAME OF MATTHEW WILSON – GREENLEAF DIRECTOR. My partner and I were looking for a small loan for car problems and all we did online was fill in ONE form with a supposidly reputable company. The following day we found that £49.99 had been taken from our account. Because they original company couldn’t help us they passed it on to various other ones and GreenLeaf were one of them and they just took the money without consulting us. I spent 2 days trying to contact these cowboys but in the end I went to the Financial Ombudsman and they dealt with it, that was 2 weeks ago and I have just received this e-mail:-

    Dear Mr Davies,
    Please see below, the email from Green Leaf confirming they have refunded £49.99 into your account.
    Please let me know if this has been done, so that I can close your case file.
    Kind Regards

    Jirola Onamuti.
    Jirola Onamuti | Consumer Consultant | Financial Ombudsman Service | Tel: 020 34875724 I Fax: 020 34875725 | Email: [email protected].

    They also had got the following e-mail from GreenLeaf:-

    From: Matthew Wilson [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 22 January 2013 11:58
    To: Onamuti, Jirola
    Subject: Mr Davies

    Dear Jirola,
    The above customer has been sent a cheque for £49.99 in full and final settlement of the complaint.

    Matthew Wilson.

    I will truely believe it when the cheque clears. Ihope this is of help to ALL of you who have been scammed by these COWBOYS.

  • Same thing here with me. It turns out that these guys used to be known as Business Fish Ltd who were also well known for the same thing. I had an amount of £49.99 withdrawn and noticed it within no time so called my bank and had it refunded immediately under a count of a fraud in dispute. They asked me in the meantime to get as much evidence as possible to prove this which thankfully this web site and a number of others as well.
    Easiest thing to do is to call your bank ASAP and get it returned under the same policy and point them towards any website like this.

  • i went to the bank today to find £49.99 taken out my bank when i didnt even ask for 1 from this company, pay it back the end of today or i will take legal action. even the bank said you have no verification to authorize you taking it out my account and incase didnt no that is against the law, please ring me on 07901625906 to let me know when your going to pay me back from daniel cable

  • princess                                                                                                                                          bastard people they took 49.99 in my account  today and i dont knw dem,pls who can help me out,my bank gv me dere number and email id,i cald dere number no answer and i e mail dem no reply,am afraid bcus dey can take anoda money,pls we have to do something for dis people                                                                                                             

  • i was surprise when i saw my bank statement,and states £39.99 taken out by a finance company called GREEN LEAF FINANCE.I immediately called my bank,and bank confirmed it.I was really very surprised,because i don’t know this company or have applied for any loan from them.I have written series of letters to them through the address i got from google.But didn’t get any reply,also sent them an email,no response.I tried calling them on the number i got from my bank statement.But isn’t going.I have tried everything possible to get this company uptill date,but no response.Please please,if anyone can help me chase them up and refund my money.Regards

  • I Have been charged a loan fee of £49.99 and i dont understand why ? i have never signed up for a loan and never will! i have had to change banks because of it , i want my money back or i am going to the fraud company !!

  • just received my bank statement on which i see green leaf has taken out a processing fee (£49.99) i no longer want the loan but would greatly appreciate the p.f being refunded , that p.f was food for my kids!!!!! 

  • Same problem but with a twist, i knew they would attempt to take money from my account so i transferred all my funds to my savings account, smart move i thought. However i got paid 2days ago and before i could even log online to transfer my money they nabbed 49.99. Bastards! So I’ve requested a new card and canceled my old one before they took more, good job too as the same day they tried to take the money 4 more times!!! I have the URL address for ”
    GREEN LEAF FINANCE ” and their sister sites, so will be a night on the D-dos (Crashing their server) to take down their sites. Will take matters into my own hands as nobody else can seem to do anything!

    Good luck guys and cancel your cards!


    • Oh also if you want to have a little payback google search the name and click the adverts on the top and right of the google search, each click will cost them between 50p-£2, if you know how to reset your IP do it many times, i’m up to about 20 clicks now, having great fun fucking them over! 😉

  • Same old story went to wentworth finance and they have passed my information to welcome loans and greenleaf who both took money from my account. Welcome loans took £69.95 and green leaf took £49.99  I actually told them not to take any money from my account as there were no funds in the account and they both said they would not. Went to check to see if my wages had been paid into the account and noticed that I was short. Anyway i cant get hold of greenleaf and welcome loans that had taken money were in Mauritus. This is ongoing cant get any joy from either.Greenleaf or Welcome loans. Now going to Citizens advice and FSA. Who are the Managing directors they should be ashamed scamming innocent victims to make money.

    Very angry Bev

  • why are your company took my money?
    Please refund my money back
    i do not like loan from your company
    please give me money
    you took my money 49.99 pound from my account
    please return my money my account

  • Just contacted my bank, same thing…£39.99 gone from my account…how DO these people get away with it??..all i can say is take the general advice from people on here and get your bank to refer you to their fraud team. My bank has been very helpful…just have to wait and see now. Maybe if enough of us complain we can get something done about these thieves

  • Yep I am another one – £39.99 out of my bank, I was only looking for loans – there is alot of info on this page, just read through it all to find numbers, there are what I have come across so far
    trading standards – 0845 404 0506
    Green Leaf – 08844 870 0817 (i have called 7 times and never spoken to a real person, left alot of messages, bet get the hint no one is gonna call back)

  • ive had this done to me 2 days ago by the same company i phoned my bank and they told me to phone green leaf i just did and it said the other person has cleared they have told me to go to trading standards her is the number if any1 wants it 0845 404 0506. im also on benefits and i however havnt had the loan either my bank just told me that watch dog are looking in to this company 


  • hi all 
    could someone please help me i need the email address for green leaf finance as they haven’t a website, the scammer’s have taken £39.99 out of my account without authorization, i didnt even know the company excited all i was trying to do was get a small loannot have money taken out of my account im a mum n on benifits, please help x

  • they taken out from my account 39.99 but i didnt have a loans from them so they taken jst one time or will be try again if have my personale details?? HowI can stop it??? Why they take off almost 40 pounds??? Have right to do it?? What can I do?? Help me pls i need money I dnt have loans just sped my last money wat happen??? Wht should I do??

  • i had 39.99 taken from this company,also a company called loan port have taken 39.50 its a joke can somone help,iv been to my bank they gave me the numbers to ring but its just going staight on to voicemail.

  • this is a joke it happened to me aswell £49.99 was taken from my account money action does need to be taken asap!!!

  •  I am so angry as i did not agree to this fee being taken out ( £39.99). I have not
    applied for a loan that links a broker so why did this company take this money
    out?! I just rang my bank and they told me Green Leaf finance took the
    money out. i cannot afford the company took the fee but since then i have heard nothing from them or from a lender to say i have a loan. I am so annoyed!

  • I have had the same from this company. I have applied for a payday loan but remember the companies I apply to. Their website was not one I used and they have not contacted me with any information on companies who could help. I have sent them the following email.

    My name is mr Alastair Smith and on the 31st May 2011 your company has taken £39.99 from my account via my debit card.

    I have applied for a payday loan online but at no stage have I given YOUR company my details which leads me to believe you have purchased my details from another company.

    I dont know what country you are operating from but here in the UK the definition of theft is “dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving them of it”. You have taken MY money and MY details without my permission which makes that “Dishonest”

    I have seen numerous blogs about your company doing the same to others.

    I now give you 24 hours from receipt of this email (it will show as delivered and read on my email system) to either prove I have given you permission to use my details, including a screen shot of any pages on your website with my details in, or refund the money immediately.

    If this has not been done I will have no option but to report you to the police and inform them
    You have STOLEN money from me and pass on your address as well as inform the financial ombudsmen.

    I look forward to your reply within 24 hours and this is to be taken as a formal request for information and under UK law you are legally obliged to contact me within an appropriate time frame under the “freedom of information act”

    Alastair Smith
    [email protected]

    Sent from my iPad

    • You should report them to all authorities, the OFT, and the Financial Ombudsman. In addition, change your bank account and card numbers to prevent this from happening again.

  • They have done the same to me 39.99 not only greenleaf finace but loan options 59.76 and my loans69.99 thats over a hundred pounds within 2wks

  • See Apparently Halifax has taken swift action on a complaint by customer, closed their account, issued a refund and opened a new account to protect the customer from further unauthorized withdrawals.

  • the same happened to me, they took £39.99 to my account without my authorization. my bank call me. is there any chance i can get back my money? 

  • same thing happened to me 49.99 out gone on website closed dow ??? phoned bank and they gave me a number to call phoned it and it went to an answer service i left details and they are suppose to call me back ………. stuck now dont no what to do ??

  • This has just happened to me yesterday. Did anyone get their money back? If so, how did they do it? Please help!!

  • This has just happened to me.  i have lost £49.99 today.  I have cancelled my card in case they try it again.  I have rang the bank and have said they cant stop the money and I cannot make a fraud claim until they have received it even though it isnt their money.  As soon as a fraud claim is made is can take about 1 week so i have been told, for my money to come back hopefully from the Bank.  I found a phone number for the scumbags but typical it was an answer phone – pissed off!!

  • I have been scamed too. this company took £39.99 out of my account and now I can not even buy ant food to eat. This company was soppose to help me get a small loan so I could buy some electic and food instead they took my beneifut out of my account. I am so up set.

    • Can every stop complaining yes this has happen too all of us, bt just sayin wot they have took aint gnna help it. First off all we all need there contact number, witch u can get off your bank, bt my only problem was their fne kept goin str8 to ansa machine, my bank did refund me bt that’s nt the point dees scammer make me sik

  • just checked my online account greenleaf have taken 39.99 from my account will try to get in contact with my bank 2mo to see what i can do to get a refund.

  • they have taken 39.99 out my account today have no idea who they are and now to make it worse another company called enhance financial services has also taken 69.99! bank of scotland are a DISGRACE !!!!

  • Same, THIS COMPANY IS A RIGHT SCAM!!! they took £50 off me and didnt go through with what they promised!  

  • i have had 49.99 taken out of my bank by this greenleaf finance i 2 havnt heard anything from them this was my daughters birthday money i have been onto my bank and they tell me i cant get the money back i am such a fool for falling for something like this.

  • Hi i have just found out this evening that GREENLEAF FINANCIAL have
    done the same to me!! I am disgusted! The thing that really hacks me off
    is the fact I have never applied for a loan with this company!

  • greenleaf finance took £49.99 out of my bank today without my say-so, they took the money from my debit card. its upset me i needed a loan because i have no money and they took this money out before i got a loan, and im still not sure if i am getting the loan. how do i get my money back.

  • I have just had 39.99 taken out of my account from this company I have never heard of!! Lodge a fraud complaint immediately with your bank and STOP YOUR BANK CARD IMMEDIATELY if your card details are stopped they can’t ake any money from your account I have 2 kids and £5.98 to live on now until Tuesday despicable!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ive tried going on the website too as its happened to me, but the website has been offline for days 

  • this has just happened to my sisters boyfriend he has had £80 taken from his bank and has never heard of greenleaf. what should he do

  • Hi
    I have had £49.99 taken out of my bank account as well, have phoned them twice but not heard anything, will contact my bank for further help, will anyone on here who has had any luck getting their fee back lets us all know how it was done please
    john harrison

  • Here is what Lloyds says about fraudulent access into your account. Has anyone called that number and received a response about this matter? If so, reply to this comment.

    We guarantee to refund your money in the unlikely event you
    experience fraud with our Internet Banking service – as long as you’ve
    been careful, for example, by taking reasonable steps to keep your
    security information safe.However:If
    you suspect that any of your Lloyds TSB accounts have been accessed
    online by someone other than yourself, contact us immediately on 0845 3000 116.

    • first off im with halifax to whoever asked i cant remember now . They are aware of green leaf and aware of what they do unfortunately they dont really have any power as far as forcing them to refund because although i never gave them my details i WAS looking for a loan (but obv not through greenleaf) sooooo they way they see it they cant call it fraud because there is no proof i didnt give them my details …..but they have agreed to open a dispute case and i was told that this will most likely result in a refund to me via my bank ….i have had no word from the ombudsman service yet except for a generic reply stating the steps involved…… although that will be a last follow up action if i do not receive a refund ….i was also advised to cancel my card although was warned that this may not stop it happening again in the future as from what ive read this will not be a one off charge ……they will continue to share your information illegally and basically charge you repeatedly using different companies ….i HAVE seen proof of this happening …so when you do call your bank to tell them about greenleaf e.t.c tell them that you do not want them to release funds to any loan companies whatsoever ….they will tell you they cant really stop transactions but by doing this atleast its on record that you disputed the case and have activly asked your bank for help sooo that atleast if it does come to using the ombudsman service you can say without any doubt that you have done everything in your power to resolve the situation yourself ….also to be honest i wouldnt bother calling the number as its always an answerphone …..ALWAYS and they will never get back to or reply to your emails so like i say dont call expecting to speak to anyone …the only reason you will want to call is so again you can tell the ombudsman service that you have done everything you can ….THAT IS ALL lol ….except to say try not to get angry or aggressive with your bank it will not help the issue ,just remember that they WILL do all they can to help as long as you are honest and give them all the information you can and give it clearly …as ive seen cases where the bank refuses to help because of a misunderstanding which will likely be your fault if  you go in hotheaded.

      • If this is a continuation of the same scam seen in the U.S. additional debits should be expected. As I said before, my advice is to contact your bank and change your account number to block any future unauthorized debits.

        • yea steve it is the same sort of deal , they continue to share your information  and debit you through different companies , banks are saying that changing your details may not always work unless it is a complete overhaul i forget the reason for this now but yea expect more charges guys one thing to try is speak with all loan companies you have had corespondence with and outright refuse them permission to share your information (and to everyone here saying thay didnt give their info to anyone  im afraid you must have ….maybe when getting an initial payday loan or something) but somewhere some how you woulda given them and lets be frank a reputable company wouldnt do it as they have to much too loose so it woulda been a small loan or payday loan or finance company summit like that , so unfortunatley although you didnt  give your details direct, some scummy little loan company would have got hold of them resulting in this whole page .

          ITS AMOST AS BASIC AS THAT ….AS THAT IS ALL YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW SO GET ON IT AND BE PATIENT !!!! (although i know you shouldnt have to lol )

        • Hi Steve,
          Just to let you know this looks like a pyramid fraud, my partner was scammed £49.99 and asked me to look at the company, they have registered here UK as greenleaf finance ltd the address you have uk director matthew wilson company id 07653375, but the registrant of the wesite is Marty Green  I rang one of the companies also registered at the address who confirmed green leaf had rented but no one was there and it was mail only, after further searching and contacting the loan companies to give details of what brokers gave them nfomation none was acgreen leaf referal so it  to  looks like he my be ur US glen marty green all the details i have passed on to the fraud here to investigate, but you are correct if this is true we have cancelled all card and bank account as they even said card can not be enough to stop future withdrawls now he has the details  and  advised they will refund, it may be the same guy but maybe you should report  to the US as if it is the same guy he needs to be caught again

      • Hi I also bank with the Halifax Greenleaf took 49.99  from my bank 21.5.2012 contact them they are getting 100,s of complaints and will refund, but you wlll need to cancel not only your card but your account number they will change alll this for you and yes big inconvienience but this reaaly is a big scam so they can not guarentee that even if they cancel the card the scum cant use your bank details in the future , the wesite is  now down wonder why it  is registered to a marty green non uk residenent  not matthew wilson on companies house go to goole  just type in whois put the web address this will give you the registrant details  then google marty green not the austrailain that come up a little bit further down I think he is the same Glen marty green that pulled this scam in the us, I have already reported all this but with this the halifax should refund anything he has been taking they are with mine

  • fucking scumbags you better email me with your details as i want my refund back now…otherwise i will take this further

    you have took £40 from my account fraudulently

    can someone email me their number asap or email address

    [email protected]

    • gavin your aiming at the wrong people dude , this is a forum about greenleaf and other financial crap noone here represents green leaf… as far as i know anyway .Where all here to help eachother out …… i said in my other post calling and emaling them is fruitless except to show youve made the effort to recover the money yourself ….if you would like their contact details still then let me know and ill forward them to you .

  • can anyone tell me the number for this company????

    they have took £9.99 from my bank FRAUDULENTLY

    and i am reporting them now to the police or who i need to report them too…

    i am on the phone to my bank as im writing this hoping they will sort something out

    odd how they website isnt active

    please if anyone has any information please email asap as these bastards will not only be getting solicitors letters if i dont get refunded but i will also drive to their office..

    they seriously dont know who they are dealing with

    my email is [email protected]

  • the same has happened to me but with 49.99 and i have got no where with natwest as they say i have agreed to it in a loan company terms and conditions even tho i havent signed anything or  even heard of this scam company, after phoning the fraud team i have got a refund so far anyways keep you updated.

  • they done the same to me those bastards they took the money with out me knowing and now they send me anithyng wat can i do ???????????????/

  • Ok, I’ve found out why this has happened to me.  If you have applied to Wentworth Direct Finance (or another broker) there is a section in their Ts&Cs which suggests we are giving them approval to ‘share’ your application details, according to my bank, this also includes debit card information!!!!  I’ll know for next time, but for now, I’m getting my money back!!  Good luck to you all. 

  • I have not revived any services from this company but they take 49.99 pounds out of my account for what I may ask.

  • Guys, this has happened to me today.  I have never spoken to this company whatsoever and they don’t seem to be afilliated with the companies I have spoken to.  I certainly have NOT approved a debit of £39.99 from my account!  Halifax are being helpful as ever!  I’m not just letting some random company debit money for my account for nothing…..does anyone have a contact number for Green Leaf Finance?  I can’t find anything in the UK at all in a google search!

    • Everyone needs to take this matter seriously. I realize it is a big pain in the butt but you should contact your bank and have your bank account number changed. Obviously someone has access to your current account.

      It is not unheard of account numbers being sold to others. This may not be the only unauthorized withdrawal to come.

      Changing your bank account number is a proactive move you can take now to prevent any further withdrawals, which I suspect will come.

      Obviously you should notify your bank of the fraud and hopefully we will hear back soon from someone who has heard from the financial ombudsman’s office on a response to this growing concern.

    • 35 St. Pauls Square
      Birmingham B3 1QX
      United Kingdom
      is written above this page Lindsay

      • Thanks, I’ll send them a letter demanding a full refund and removal of my personal information from their system!  Much appreciated

      • 08448700817 I got this from my bank after greenleaf took £39:99 x 2 out of my account

      • I actually called this address and they informed me that these scumbags has left their property a few months back owing them thousands of pounds in rent areers so now they have relocated to:

        c/o BUSINESS FISH
        145-157 ST. JOHN STREET
        EC1V 4PW
        Company No. 07653375

        i tried searching for them on companies house however there is no contact name, i tell yall this has got to stop aint no way i am gunna let them get away with this, if it kills me i will see them imprisoned for their fuckry

    • yes i have a number for greenleaf finance 08448700817. i was scamed by this company 39.99 trying to get my money back.but i fear that i havw lost it. need to change my card so no further payment is taken from this firm

  • i just went onto internet banking to find greenleaf finance has taken £49.99 from my account. i have never heard of them and cant find any phone numbers to contact them anywhere. do i phone my bank to complain?

  • I had £49.99 taken out of my account on Friday for no reason and will definitely not let them get away with it.  That is money I need to live on and will be going to my bank tomorrow to try and get my money back.

  • Same has happened to me, but I didn’t enter my card details anywhere!! The bank are telling me they have to wait until the payment actually clears before they dispute the charge. Absolutely furious!!

    • i have emailed the ombudsman service …currently waiting for a reply …will keep you guys updated

        • sure thing . yea ive also noticed that their website is currently “offline”. i think its safe to say that everyone here would just like their money back raher then the hassle of legal proceedings so lets hope the ombudsman service can help …….although having said that i wouldnt mind seeing the director get a good slapping lol

          • UPDATE: just wanted to add that ive just had a call from my bank saying they are aware off green leaf but before they proceed they would like me to try and contact them again for a refund so i have emailed again and will call them when their offices open on monday …my bank says if they still refuse a refund they will start a fraud claim against them , i am still waiting for a reponse from ombusman but will keep you all updated as i learn more ….calll me sherlock lol

          • Hi same thing here…£39.99 taken by Greenleaf…i didnt give my details and my banks says the same as lia08….which bank told you they are aware Giffigiff please…im with barclays..thnaks

    • The same thing has happened to me aswell 49.99 taken from my bank, i don’t want the loan now just my fee back.

      • Did you apply for an online loan? If so, this now sounds like a similar scam seen in the U.S. where people had money withdrawn from their bank accounts after applying for an online payday loan.

  •  Iv emailed them twice now and not had any responce back i dont care if i dont get the loan i just want my fee paid back to my account i have though about contacting my bank but wounder if there is anythink they can actually do since i did give my details to these scammers : /  . green leaf dont even have a website i only got these details from another greenleaf in united states who know about them and i was provided with the address name of managing director and email contact and phone number but think its a premium rate number !!

    • my situation is exactly as above , any word yet adele ? ….i am going to contact my bank today to see what can be done about it , then i shall contact the ombudsman service

    • Hi I have just gone through the same situation with these S.O.B’s would you be so kind to disclose the name of the managing director because i am going to pursue them in the courts and end their F#*kry i am so livid, and the most dumb thing is when i speak to the bank fraud department they tell me they cant retrieve my money back because i gave them my deatails, which is a complete fabrication because i was only dealing with 3 brokers and they were NOT one of them. so if you could forward me the info you collected about this so called managing director it would be appriciated, [email protected]

  • Yes, they’ve just done exactly the same to me. My bank has suggested contacting the complaints department of whichever debit card they have used to take the payment. If they recieve a number of these complaints they can take action against Greenleaf.

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