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Have My Car Title Out on a Title Loan But Need to Junk Car. – Kristen

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Car title loan and now need a copy of my title to salvage broke down car

I have a car title loan out on my car and it just broke down. Engine is locked up and I was told it would cost more to fix that what the car is worth. I now have to salvage it, but I do not have my title now until I pay off the title loan. Can I get a certified copy of the title from the DMV so that I can salvage the car and still pay the loan off?


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  • Really, im in a similar position. However, my car didnt break down but a mechanical issue with unsure cost did arise.  The cost is similar as well….. could possibly be more than the car- I pray that it will not be.  Also, I agree contact the title loan company for an extra loan

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