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Attorneys Buttermore and Kagan Never Settled My Debt. What Now? – Gary

Consumer Complaint Submission
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Filed debt settlement with attorney Evan Kagan several years ago.

Kagan left me with no help at all. I had paid more than $3000 for his help. Now he has sold out to Mr Buttermore. I never hear from Buttermore either. Debt collectors have been calling me day and night, seven days a week. I am now filing bankruptcy which is costing more money. Kagan hired an attorney in Kansas City and has never paid this attorney either. I can see that Kagan is a fraud and has run with the money from many people.

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  • I just had the pleasure of hearing the pitch of these CLOWNS payment collection agency.
    They misrepresent, then send out their notary with their contract. They by having the notary do what most banks do through employees which is make folks feel pressure if they want to read these contracts. I told them I couldn’t sign the contract because it was in direct conflict with the presentation from Meracord. They are the one’s these non-profits send you through.

    I am currently attempting to locate the companies number. Please contact your Atty Gen. first and because of their contracts they won’t stop collecting “Yet” however I think the victims have grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit. Please do not hold me to this, however based upon what I experienced first hand I think chances are good. I am not a Attorney, however the law is the law.

    Please e-mail me if you have been wronged by these Clowns.

  • You absolutely must contact your AG. Missouri is. Ery active in going against debt settlement companies, even ones under the cloak of an attorney’s office.

    Please acknowledge this post. You need to stop Buttermore & Associates

  • I agree with Msullivan, but even if you take him to small claims you probably won’t see the money but at lease it will be on record and it is a small fee to do this.

  • I’m not sure you asked a question but you are obviously angry with the attorney(s). If you are thinking about actions to take, you might want to consider filing complaints with the attorney general and the state bar association in the attorney’s state. You can also report your dissatisfaction to the Better Business Bureau.

    I’m not sure any of that will get your money back but it might keep him from doing harm to others. And you could sue the attorney but it would be challenging to find an attorney to represent you with $3,000 on the line.You might consider taking him to small claims court without legal representation but you would need to learn the rules in that state and recognize that you might not win and might not be able to collect even if you do win.

    That’s about all I can suggest but I’m sure that readers will rush in with other suggestions.

    Good Luck!

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