Doug Van Arsdale and Credit Solutions Still In the Thick of It

It seems that VD isn’t the only gift that keeps on giving. Apparently, running a debt relief company without a license does as well.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers just announced that his office has obtained a final agency order for civil penalties against Credit Solutions of America, LLC, a Dallas, Texas company, and Doug Van Arsdale, the company’s president, for unregistered and unlawful debt management practices in Colorado. Under the final order, Van Arsdale and his company are each liable for more than $5,000,000 in civil penalties, for a total of over $10,000,000.

In 2008, Credit Solutions of America, LLC registered in Colorado as a debt settlement services company. But the company failed to renew its registration in 2009, and in the meantime, the company continued to operate in Colorado, violating various provisions of the Colorado Debt Management Services Act. In addition to awarding the State over $10,000,000 in civil penalties against the company and its president, the final agency order also requires Van Arsdale and his company to pay $3,830,149 in restitution to the 2,683 Colorado consumers who contracted with the company for debt management services. – Source

The lesson, you don’t mess with Colorado.


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10 thoughts on “Doug Van Arsdale and Credit Solutions Still In the Thick of It”

    • I know this is the guy I’m an ex employee. Ex because I finally found out about his lack of morals and he did not pay his bills

      • hunter, know him too! he works for uber and picked me up on a trip. said he was with a roofing company now, we exchanged numbers, would text but all of a sidden he went ghost on me. smh..seemed nice and all on the drive out with the talk we had.

      • he works for uber now, smh..different person from who I met. we exchanged numbers to stay in contact, text here and there went ghost it’s been like 5 months since we talked. not going to lie, thought he was g^y real shocked when he said he had an ex-wife and daughter. said he was in banking and real estate,

    • yes, that’s him! not going to lie thought he was g^y, real shocked when he said he used to be married. smh…used to talk on occaaion and he just went ghost on me. it’s been about 4 or 5 months,

    • read him and his company were sued for around $200 million dollars for false advertising, not contacting creditors etc. they were shut down after the lawsuit’s. lol and lmfao, know the ceo/owner doug, he’s with uber that’s how I met him. said he was in banking and real estate before,and was working in roofing now. have to be watchful of who you connect with,

  1. Did Credit Solution of America pay the state of Colorado ? I knoew they were order to but did they follow through. If so how much did they pay?


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