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I Am a College Student. What Can I Do to Get Out of Debt? – Maisie

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I am a college student, and I am in debt over $1,000 to the bank. I have my own apartment with roomates, I work at Subway, and I am over whelmed with debt as of right now.

What can I do to get out of this mess I have created for myself?


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  • HI Maisie
    First dont over do it!!!!!!!!!!! if $1000 is your problem than you are not in a mess as much as you think you are.
    However, in life not fixing small problems always leads to bigger and bigger problems. This is what you should be worried about and where you focus the most.
    So first thing to do is not to punish ourselves, everyone will go through this. You should toughen up and take it this as the next challenge in your life. Believe me, once you get through with it, things will look a lot better.
    Second, is to simply stop spending on uneccessary things for a while until you fix this. Third is to draw a cash flow projection for yourself and if you will need to work more hours for a specific time to reach your objective. You have to understand and commit that you may be required to sacrifice a bit to reach it. 
    However, I would tell you drawing a good plan and sticking to it will be such a reliever and you will find those peaceful sleep you are probably missing right now.
    Keep the courage and faith

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