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Money Lender UK – Consumer Complaint – 7-26-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I recieved a phone call on my mobile from a company called money lender and they informed me that have recieveed a loan application from my self [as I had filled a couple of loan applications online a few days earlier]so the man on the phone checked through my loan application with me and told me that i coild have a £1000 pounds over 18 months so i agreed and then he told me i had to be tranferred to the financial department where i will get my loan,so then I spoke to a man named David Anderson who infomed i had the loan of £1000 pounds but i had to go to a pay point and get a u cash voucher for the sum of £75.00 as this was the first monthly installment and i had to pay it up front and then the loan amount would be paid into my account within 5 minutes,i didn’t go for the money straight away as i had to discuss this with my partner and during this process David Anderson kept on ringing amd hasseling me to pay this m oney and that the £1000 was guaranteed, so i agreed and went and got the voucher and then paid them the money ,I then waited 5 minutes after paying the £75.00 and then checked my account and no money had been recieved into my account.I then recieved another phone call 15 minutes later by David Anderson asking me if i’d checked my account i replied yes but no money had been paid in so then i was passed onto their deputy manager named Victoria and that she would sort it out,so then she said that the reason the loan had not been paid is that i had to pay a further £275.00 for tax on the loan and she guaranteed me that if i paid this i would get the £1000 plus the £275.00 back also so in total i would recieve £1275.00,and then gave me 10 minutes to go and get another u cash voucher for the sum of £275.00 and pay the money and then the money will be paid into my account within 10 minutes and that she would ring me back to take the u cash voucher payment.again had to discuss this with my partner and while doing this got numerous phone calls off them hassling me to pay this money,promising me the loan and that it would be paid into my account within 10 minutes, so i agreed to pay the £275.00,which by this point i had paid to them the total amount of £450.00.So again waited 10 minutes and then checked my account,again nothing had been transferred,so then i started ringing them with no response for about half an hour.left numerous messages for them to ring me and in the end i got so fustrated that the last message i left was that i was informing the police,and after that Victoria then rung me demanding another £125.00 u cash voucher out of me as the loan amount had to be brought up to a round figure to the sum of £1500.00 pounds as the bank transferre didn’t recognise unrounded figures.I refused to pay them any more money [as they had took all i had in the first place and had le ft me with £85.00 for me and my three dependant children].So then i politly asked for a refund,she just kept demaning the rest of the money but as i tryed to explain to her that i had paid them all i had but she wouldn’t listern and told me that i did have the money in my account because she was looking at my account and that i had to pay the £125.00 or i wont get the loan.I still refused to pay them any more money and asked for a refund,she then told me i had to pay £225.00 to end my loan application and on paying this i will get a full refund within 4/5 working days,again i refused as i have not the funds as they have took all i had.I have kept all u cash voucher receipts.

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Consumer Action Taken:

I have ringing them on numerous occassions since it happened and that was yesterday the 25/7/2012 but they just keep demanding more money out of me and refusing to give me a refund.

Date This Problem Happened: July 25, 2012

State You Live in: Lancashire, UK

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £450

Company Name: Money Lender

Company Address:

4 more london riverside
London SE12AU
United Kingdom

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • The same things happened to me they managed to get over a thousand pounds from me, i am totally pissed and will be seeking legal action

  • ive paid 120 quid as a first monthly installment an there askin for 250 now for the transfer fee sayin they will refund me an the money will go in 45 mins?

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