How Can I Finish Cleaning Up My Credit If I’ve Used Up My Free Annual Credit Reports?

You already helped me greatly!! I had an unauthorized ck. go through my account at a bank that I banked since disabled (17 years) and by following their procedure, I became in debt, lost a life insurance policy, and had a revolving credit card debt picked up by a nasty third party (2 years later it appears) I took your advice and asked them to verify my debt, and reported them on my credit report for serving me false papers. (no court # or notarization), and now I posses the letter that frees me from this debt. I cant get into my credit report because I already used up my annual, How can I finish, when Im am still juggling small loans, but if I repair this I can wipe this out into one payment and finish my self employment that I was tring to start before this happened?

I need to know how I can or if I can finish cleaning up my credit report without spending money, when I have already used up my free annual reports?

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5 thoughts on “How Can I Finish Cleaning Up My Credit If I’ve Used Up My Free Annual Credit Reports?”

  1. There are 2 websites I know of-, and The SECOND one gives you a free credit report if you give them your credit card information and you have to cancel within a certain amount of time (i believe 2weeks or 30 days. read fine print to be sure) OR they will charge your card like $25. Otherwise, the person who commented and told you to only check one at a time is a genius.

  2. Also consider that your bank may have a credit report service that cleans up your record over a period of a few months… in the mean time you have free access to your credit reports on line…

  3. There are also some credit monitoring services, including one through Experian, I got a free 7 day trial. You can cancel before the trial is over and pay nothing.

  4. Congratulations on successfully navigating the challenging world of credit reports!

    If you have used up your three free credit reports you probably only have three options:
    1. Do nothing and wait until 12 months have passed
    2. Buy a copy of your report ($10 from Experian)
    3. Apply for credit and get a free copy of your report if turned down.

    Do remember that you do not have to get all three credit reports at the same time. I like to get mine quarterly.

    Good Luck!


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