Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012

Consumer Statement:

We hired an attorney to assist us in a loan modification in June 2012, we promptly paid him and gave him all the information he needed to get the process started. There was a sale date of Sep. 11, 2012 so time was critical. They had everything they needed to start it by July 27 however, they failed to submit anything until 7 days prior to the sale date which was to late and we were promptly disqualified. The attorney then said our only option was to file for bankruptcy protection for an additional $5000.00. We then contacted the bank which holds our mortgage and they said they did not even submit the correct forms.

Consumer Action Taken:

We spoke with the lead attorney, Michael Johnson, he tried to smooth things over by telling us that is they way Chase does things and that they submitted the paperwork on time but it was rejected because they changed the policies at Chase. He then tried to talk us into doing a chapter 13. We slept on it overnight and called him again the next day. He was very different this time, he was rude and yelled at my wife over the phone and stated he was pissed off and would not talk to us again.

Date This Problem Happened: September 7, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,990

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Company Name: Consumer Care Law Group

Company Address:

26060 Acero #115
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Company Telephone Number: 800-409-8270

Website of Company: consumercarelaw.com

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2 thoughts on “Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-11-2012”

  1. Ok now im concerned about these people i spoke with someone there. He sounded very convincing. Now I’m worried i have niw given him any money and i don’t think i eill after reading this. Thanks for the information. If anyone has any comments please feel free to do so any help is greatly. Appreciated.

  2. Why did you wait until Jun 2012 to hire an attorney to handle the loan modification if you had previous information that a foreclosure date was looming around the corner on Seprember 11, 2012.  The bank (CHASE) needs to decline your application several times and make you look silly doing it. As You probably already know, they will spend a great deal of money sending you correspondence via Federal Express indicating that you have other options available to you, i/e Deed transfer, Short Sale, etc. Attorney’s have no control nor can they guarantee that a bank will approve a loan modificatio even when they have ample time to apply, which in your case would be impossible. I believe the only case you have against your attorney is that if June 2012 he was aware that your sale date had already been set for Sept 11 , 2012, in all honesty he shouldn’t have taken your case and accepted a fee from you knowing that it was probably too late too accomplish your objective. 


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