My UK Payday Loan Lenders Don’t Understand I Suffer from Depression and Post Traumatic Stress. – Trudi

“Dear Jon,

Im in debt with payday loans i have 4 totaling 1250 pound. also 3 credit cards totaling 750 pound and 2 catalogues owing 1200pound and can’t afford to pay them. i suffer from depression and post traumatic stres . they keep showing me i don’t feel able to tell my husband i feel so guilty i was off work for nearly 6 months and that’s when the problems started with spending money i simply do not have .

I need help with my creditors im disparate and can’t see a way out .



I understand the stress that juggling bills and being in debt can cause.

Are you back working? If so can you afford anything towards the debts each month?

Do you own any property? If so, is there any equity in the property?

Depending on the answers to these questions, we can look at some options for you, possible a debt management plan or maybe an Administration Order, or worst case may be you are insolvent and you look at a DRO or Debt Relief Order. DRO’s are the same as bankruptcy, but for people with less than 15K in debt and no assets or surplus income.

Get back to me and we can look in more detail at your situation.



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