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I Don’t Want to Throw My Money Away. What About SC Law Group?

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I was sent by mail format about sc law group will help me to get better rate. I spoke with reggie an jane. Both were will to try to help. Well I qualified. An just wondering if all is legit. Don’t want to thro ny hard working money away

Can u help me


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  • I also was told I am “eligible” for some kind of mortgage interest and/or principal reduction. I told my contact at s.c. law group that I would be glad to part with the requested $3500 as soon as I had a written offer letter, originating from the lender, with all the details. This letter must have a contact name, title of contact, phone number, address, department, etc. Then I will call this contact to confirm. If all this is in order, I feel ok about spending the money. My fear is these people can shuffle some papers, request information, make a few phone calls, send out a questionnaire to the lender, knowing that a modification is unlikely or impossible….and make a valid claim that they made a “best effort”…and are thereby entitled to their fee. I am sure their typical paperwork includes clauses stating they cannot guarantee…blah, blah, blah. I have begun checking with various governmental and private business associations to see if S.C. Law Group and the attorney who is listed for the specific office I am in touch with are in good standing, free of material complaints and free of disciplinary action. So far, I have found the listed attorney to be in good standing and free of any such actions by the local bar association. He is also in good standing with his local board of realtors. My contact at S.C. Law Group said he can and will comply with my pre-condition for a guarantee from the lender and would get back to me within 24 hours. He said he would be emailing me this letter, to which I said, the email would be a good start but that I would need a follow-up in the form of a registered letter and I would need to time to do my own due diligence directly with the bank. I also made a formal request for information from the California Attorney General’s office concerning S.C. Law Group’s standing….stay tuned

  • Sandy,

    I cannot comment on this particular group or agency but I can tell you how get the best mortgage rate with the lowest investment. Go to and find the list of certified housing counseling agencies in your area. Call one and request an appointment. The counseling should be free and the counselor will explore the various government programs and other opportunities for refinance.
    If you are not eligible for any government or special programs you can go to and click on mortgage rates. Find the least expensive rate advertised and contact the lender to see if you qualify.

    I can’t think of any reason to contract with an attorney unless you believe that someone is violating the law. Attorneys specialize in law. Mortgage brokers specialize in mortgages and housing counselors specialize in counseling people about housing issues. Make sure you go to the right resource for help with your issue.

    Good Luck!

  • Sandy,

    I have no idea who this group is or what they do. I can tell you how to get assistance if you are seeking help with your mortgage. Go to and look for certified housing counseling agencies. Find one in your area and call for an appointment. Verify that there is no charge for counseling.

    If you are merely looking to refinance without the aid of any government program, go to and click on mortgage refinancing. Look at the list and call the first company you recognize (the rates should be listed from best to worse).

    If you have legal problems you should call a lawyer. The Bar Association in your state probably has a listing of attorneys by specialty. And be sure to recycle all the ads and junk mail you receive to help the environment. You do not have to open it first.

    Good Luck!

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