Will I Be in Trouble When I Try to Get Into the UK Because of My Debt? – Samad

“Dear Jon,

I’m british citizen and was on repayment plane with gragory pennington.
due to family problem i had to come home in aug 2011 and couldn’t pay the instalments and mobile phone bills for more then a year.

got few parking tickets

my question is will I be in trouble in airport when I come to uk?

& what’s the best solution for it? till i get job and get on repayment plane.



There will be no problems or trouble when you come back to the UK; just having a few debts outstanding is not an Immigration issue. So just by the debts being outstanding will not stop you returning to the UK.

As for what you can do with the debts; if you are not working and have no money to send to your creditors, then you have nothing to send. You could try a token payment plan for a short period, sending each creditor a few pounds a month until you are back working and then increase the payments and start up a debt management plan or some other form of repayment.

If you felt you would not be back working anytime soon and are receiving collection calls and the stress of it all is building up, you could consider a DRO/debt relief order or possibly bankruptcy depending on your full situation.

I hope this helps.



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2 thoughts on “Will I Be in Trouble When I Try to Get Into the UK Because of My Debt? – Samad”

  1. dear jon thank you so much for quick respond.
    can i apply for debt relief order if i owe more then £33000 debts?
    if i file bankruptcy after an year time will i be able to buy a property? or do business?

    • Samad, 
      No you cannot do a DRO/debt relief order if you owe more than 15K, that is the cut off point for that form of insolvency.  But you could go bankrupt, which is in essence the same as they are both a form of insolvency. 

      You can be self-employed and trade even as a bankrupt, you just cannot be a director of a LTD company, but you can be a sole trader. 
      As for buying a property, once your bankruptcy has been discharged you can apply for a mortgage, but I would not expect to be granted a mortgage immediately after being bankrupt.  Mortgages are complex loans and are based on deposits, your job, time on your job, market conditions and also credit. 

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but deal with the matters and debts in hand.




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