Elite Planning Group – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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1 thought on “Elite Planning Group – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Oh My Goodness!!! I am having the same exact problem with Elite. I have been fighting since July 2011 to get my money back. I filed a dispute with my credit card company Household Bank, now owned by Capital One, still as of today they have not issues a refund to my account. We are supposed to be able ton turn to our credit card companies to resolve issues like these when we can get no where with the merchant ourselves and our credit card aggreements sau that if we are dissatified with our mechanidise or do not receive the mechandise or product then they (Credit Card Companies) will guarantee a refund of the purchase price. Well I am here to tell you that hasn’t happened yet either. I had to jump through hoops to try and get a refund with Elite, who said they would issue one and it would reflect on my statement within 2 billing cycles, never happened. Now i am jumping through hoops with my credit card company for my refund of $698.95 charged by 3 point 14 aka Elite Planning Group. I have give Household Bank Dispute Dept several detailed written accounts of my issues with Elite and they still haven’t got my account credited either. They ask for my letters repeatedly, I’ve sent the same one 4 times, they ask for exact dates in which i attempted to contact Elite to allow them to provide the services promised and if I gave them enough time to provide the service. Well, lets see, I purchased the debt reduction program on July 11, 2011, today is February 25, 2013, do think they have had enough time to provide their services? Household Bank Credit Card Dispute Department is just as bad as Elite. I cannot get anywhere with either. What’s truely sad is the only reason i even thought abput such a program was because i had at that time found out that i can never work again and would have to attempt to live off Social Security Disability. I went from working making $6000 plus a month to $1800 a month on social security. I couldn’t afford the program really to start with and they made me an offer to reduce the price from $998.95 to $698.95 which left me with less than $100 left on the credit card i used to purchase it. I thought, hey with what they are guaranteeing i won’t have to worry about it anyway. I’m a thorough person’ i ask questions and nit pick, I was truely amazed that i got scammed and completely appalled. I also spoke the Gary Fernandez, he said take your income tax refund and pay off as many cards as you can. I said what happened to calling the companies and negotiating to lower my rates, I’m sorry I’m unable to provide you that service since you filed a dispute with your credit card company and have also requested a refund with our company. Ok but i still haven’t got a refund and if you provide the guaranteed services I’m quite sure I won’t get one. Just transfer me to your supervisor or customer service department, quess what, he hung up. I’ve had 3 different “financial advisors” none did as promised or guaranteed and all hung up on me. Now my card company informs me that the number they have for Elite is no longer a working number and the website is gone, says it and the name is for sale. So now what, how do we get our money back? Isn’t it the responsibility of our credit card companies to give it back?


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