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My Lender is Taking a Long Time on My Loan Modification. – Tenaz

“Dear Steve,

I still have issue with my Home lender because is taking such long time to get Loan Modification for almost One year and 8 months.Now recently in California has passed several bills protecting the Home owner.I believe I have strong case,I’m looking for a Legal representation in contingency basis.

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Please Steve If you can refer me anyone I’d appreciate it.


Dear Tenaz,

Before you do anything you might want to contact a free Hud Housing Counselor and discuss the programs you lender may be offering. There is no requirement that any lender has to modify any loan if they don’t want to.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • I already done what you mentioned above.With the assistance  Hud Agency the Bank didn’t do anything all this process is taking so long.Now there is a difference when the Bank Offers  assistance modyfing the loan Other ways  they simple could said no.
    I already escalate my issue  to differents local and state agencies they just simple can’t do anything.
    Thats Why I’m looking for legal representation in contingency basis becuase I believe I have a strong case for fraud and Misleading.Thanks

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