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My Ex-Girlfriend Added Me to Her EP Fitness Account. They Want Me to Pay. – Patrick

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My Ex girlfriend signed me onto her account at EP Fitness. I do not remember ever signing a contract that held me accountable to the membership because she was the one paying for the membership as a present to me. When we broke up she said she would use it for her dad or her aunt. Apparently she stop paying it and never stopped the membership. Today I got a call from EP Fitness saying that I owe them about 180 dollars. But the membership was under her plan, can I still be held accountable for this.


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  • I cant imagine them holding you accountable when you never signed any agreement for a membership at all, and when the intial membership was under her name and plan. I would go in with your personal information, DL, for a signiture comparison if needed, and talk to the head of the business in your area and explain to them that you are not a member and never have been and that the EX is the one that billing needs to be directed at. Good Luck

  • Patrick,

    it is true that you have to someway agree to a deal before you can have a debt. If you signed for a membership you probably owe the money (assuming your ex isn’t paying it). If you didn’t sign but took advantage of the situation to use the facility, they may have an argument that you agreed to terms of service.

    If you never signed  or used the facility and they do not have your Social Security or other ID information you probably can gently tell them that it is not your debt and you will not be paying it. You will have to watch your credit report. Since they located you they obviously know enough about you to report this as a late or defaulted debt which could do great harm to your credit.

    I would notify them in writing that you are not a member and do not wish to be a member.

    Good Luck! 

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