Should I File a Debt Relief Order to Get Rid of My UK Debt? – Marlene

“Dear Jon,

Am in debt and creditors are calling and writing.

I am going to file for a debt relief order. I am not working at the moment as I am my mothers carer. She will be going into a home and i need to know after I have filed the dro, can i get out and start work again.



How soon before you file the DRO?

When is your mother going into care?

Do you have a job lined up or an offer in place?

Yes, even though you are insolvent and in a debt relief order you can still find a job, work and earn wages. These changes, when they occur, will need to be reported to the person who is handling your DRO. As to if these changes will affect the DRO, I cannot say as we do not know what the changes may be, such as what your earnings maybe, etc. I would venture it will not change things unless you were to get a very good paying job.

If you were to get a job and it paid well, then you may no longer qualify for a DRO if you have a surplus of income that exceeds the DRO’s threshold.

I hope this helps.



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