Edward Cherry, The Sunshine State Land Trust, and Others Appeal Asset Freeze

A reader brought to my attention that on October 19, 2012, Ed Cherry and other related entities had a notice of appeal recorded regarding the asset freeze for himself, The Sunshine State Land Trust Company, Growth Capital Funding, Florida Land Trust Services, and Zion Partners Irrevocable Trust.

The court document reflect the asset freeze is being appealed to the Fourth District Court of Appeal and is filed on behalf of Mr. Cherry and other Defendants by Peter J. Snyder and Howard Feinmel.

Interestingly, others that were named as part of the Florida Attorney General action appear to be represented separately.

Larry Diodato, August Belmont and Company, Esquire Litigation Support and EsqLitigationSupport.com are being represented by Richard Epstein from Greenspoon Marder.

Paul Gallenbeck and Fidelity Land Trust Company are being represented by Aaron Cohen of Cohen & Kuvin. – Source

I find it interesting that the parties are not being represented by the same firm.

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