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Dano’s Debtbusters – Site Review

Written by Steve Rhode

Company Name

Dano’s Debtbusters


411 Cahaba River Est. Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244

This address is also used by Indian Springs Lumber Company. – Source

Additional Contact Information

Phone: 865-922-0659
Fax: 865-622-6493
Email: [email protected]

Company Description

“We want to work with people who realize that they cannot expect to be blessed financially when they do not follow God’s teachings about money. We believe that our own free will allows us to burden ourselves with debt and that God simply allows us to reap what we have sewn…our job is to help you get back on track!

We know that regardless of faith most Americans are slaves to their debt. We have helped people all across America and we can help you! Click on the contact us link and one of our Dano’s Debtbusters will contact you.” – Source


Daniel Strum, possibly. No public records can be found to confirm this. A previous promotional message said Strum was located in Knoxville, Tennessee – Source

Company Information

No company can be found through the Alabama Secretary of State that is registered to do business under the name Dano’s Debtbusters, Dano’s Debt Busters, or under the ownership of Daniel Strum.

The only company in Alabama under the name DDB, LLC is a a construction company that is registered to a Bill Wakefield. – Source


The company claims to be a debt education company but their recruiting video appears to be almost entirely focused on an income opportunity through their own multilevel marketing program. – Source

It appears the company sells some credit restoration product and members have to pay a monthly fee that gets paid upline.

According to a Facebook post, the course is $19.95.

Released October 26, 2012


The advertisement below is how I found out about Dano’s Debtbusters. – Source



Interesting Points

The promotional video talks about a strong ten year old company but no records or domain ownership can confirm this.


Domain Information

The domain name is registered to:

Daniel Sturm [email protected]
411 Cahaba River Est Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Strum’s ownership of the name appears to have begun on April 1, 2010 and was first registered under the entity name Storm. It was not until April 21, 2011 that the domain name was registered to Dano’s

My Impression

Despite claims the company has been delivering services for a certain length of time I can find no supporting documentation to confirm this. The company appears to be more focused on recruiting affiliates for their business opportunity than debtor education.

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