Will I be Sent Back to the Philippines from Dubai Because My Boyfriends are Fighting?

This reader question isn’t about debt but I thought I’d post it for all to answer a change of pace.

I have an ex boyfriend and just separated with him a week before I went to Dubai but he did not accept the fact we got separated. After we broke up, I had a new boyfriend. My ex boyfriend threatened him to death but my boyfriend did not show any reactions.

By this week they fought for no any reason, so my boyfriend threatened my ex boyfriend to death and in that case the family of my ex boyfriend told me that I’m the reason behind of that matter. In instance, they filed a case stating that I need to go back into the Philippines to solve this simple problem.

Is there any possibility on me to be sent back in the Philippines?

what will be the case against me if ever?

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4 thoughts on “Will I be Sent Back to the Philippines from Dubai Because My Boyfriends are Fighting?”

  1. Hi,

    I’m certainly not an expert on PH law, but I would imagine there is no legal standing for your ex-boy friends family to charge you or your family with any acts of crime. If this was your husband, then the case may be different?

    I would think the worst they can do is file a complaint, and since you have not committed a crime, there is no legal reason to extradite you back to the PH.

    There is also the question of whether the PH and Dubai have extradiction treaties.

    I think you’re fine…don’t worry so much.

  2. Yeah I’d say it’s pretty unlikely that you’d get kicked out for that…….. Your boyfriends better watch out that they don’t get arrested!

  3. I can’t believe you post this rubbish that has nothing to do with your site, but when I asked a completely relevant money related question, I never got a response or even got it posted for someone else to give me advice on.


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