Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – January 31, 2013

Consumer Statement:

Somehow I missed the fact that I entered into agreement with a debt consolidation Co. that was seing sued in one of the biggest law suites agaist a for Debt Consolidation Scams in history.

In 1/11, I entered into a debt cosoidation agreement with Legal helpers Debt Resoluton,LLC in Chicago. I made 14 consecutive monthly payments of $487.43.
I was passed from accnt maager to accnt manager. It aways seemed like they we asking for the same nformation over and over again. Important info , like my list of creditors.

Collection calls any letters stopped ony for a short time, few months, then they pick up. I reieved a court order form one of my debters. when I contacted LHDR they did contact the Co. and settle the debt. In the amount of $1500.00. this is the one service they provided.

In 3/12 I was contacted by another Co. telling me they were incharge of my account now. They said LHDR was in trouble. I was told I had to sign paper work to complete the tansfer of responsibility. I agreed over the phone but never electronically signed documents. some how this process stopped payments to LDHR. I noticed they was no payment taken out of my checking account. When I contacted LDHR I was assured that my account was still with them. They said i sould not have been contacted by the other Co. concerning this matter. LDHR told me to email the payments department to resume payments. But again I was told I needed to supply account information. (where’s my information, what kind of Co. is this and where is my money?, i asked myself.) I mave not made a payment in 8 months. Do I dear trust them that my info has been misplaced, make my account current and finish out the ten payments left in my contract. Or never give them another dime. I continue to receive colection calls and letters forn lawyers and courts. HELP PLEASE, We are a couple trying to raise three small children. We both work full time. and we just want to get out of debt. and start enjoying life together.

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Consumer Action Taken:

Date This Problem Happened: January 15, 2011

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Legal Helpers Debt Resolution

Company Address:

233 south wacker drive
suite 5150
chicago, IL

Company Telephone Number: 800-430-8683

Website of Company:

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