Despite State Suits World Law Debt is Apparently Still on the Acquisition Hunt

Despite the recent legal entanglements it appears World Law Debt is still on the hunt for new clients.

A recent email sent out by Gil Medeiros, Affiliate Director, says he is looking to buy up portfolios of debt settlement clients. Medeiros identifies himself as the affiliate director of World Law Debt online. – Source, Source

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The email sent out from Medeiros Enterprises and forwarded to me by a tipster (send in your tips here) says:

“Are you still servicing debt settlement clients?

Are you interested in selling your debt settlement portfolio? We are willing to pay top dollar for debt settlement portfolios. If your portfolio is accepted, funds will be wired same day.

In order to quote you a payout please have the following details:

* Total number of clients
* Total amount they have set aside in their GCS accounts to settle,
* Are you charging these clients a monthly maintenance fee? If so, how much?
* What is the average term length remaining for the clients
* Are these clients pre-TSR, or after TSR (if mixed, please provide average number of clients for each)
* What are you looking to receive or that your portfolio is worth?
* Are you remaining in the business or looking get exit entirely of the servicing of debt clients?
* Avg amount of debt per client?
* What software do you use to service the clients?”

It is interesting that facing legal challenges in three states it appears World Law Debt is still actively taking on new clients. But I wonder if they have any plans to not take on new clients in the states with active legal action against them?

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