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SC Law Group, South Coast Law Group, Bobby Mozani – Consumer Complaint – August 23, 2013

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

South Coast Legal out of CA promised that by paying $4,000.00 to be get a loan modification at 2%, this would stop my foreclosure. They sent me attachments from Excel and word to show
I had a chance to get the Modification. They never told me that on top of the $4,000.00 would also be paying $1364.00 a month, Until they could finalaize the modification, which never happened.

Their offices seem To be moving constantly, they must know that they are going down soon.
James said and settlement will come fast. Your house won’t be foreclosed on he promised because they have a special deal with the banks, Chase Bank in particular. He passed me off to his manager, Bobby Mozoni, who was speaking in such a thick Iranian accent I thought he was going to pass out he was talking so fast.. They also told me their legal department had to qualify me in order to join.

All their e mails and contact numbers were through the Irvine area code but I found this office was in SANTA ANA CA. They also have secret offices in IRVINE and Long Beach.

Consumer Action Taken:

aksed for my heard earned money back but never recieved one cent.

Date This Problem Happened: August 18, 2013

State You Live in: Massachusetts


Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,250

Company Name: South Coast Law Group

Company Address:

1740 E. Garry Ave
Suite #210
Santa Ana, California 92705

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • we know how you feel siringringo did that to us…….but they got 7,000 from us didn’t know then it was against the law…I feel your pain and so so sorry

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