Well Done Debt Settlement Solutions

Debt Settlement Solutions, a Florida company, had been previously contacted by the State of Connecticut about operating without a license. Usually these things end badly but in a rare occurrence it looks like one company, Debt Settlement Solutions,

This situation shows how flexible state regulators can be when debt relief companies participate in the process.

According to the State, “By e-mail dated July 8, 2013, Debt Settlement Solutions represented that prior to the issuance of the Notice, it had refunded fees to ten (10) of the sixteen (16) Connecticut residents identified in the Notice; one Connecticut resident never paid a fee; another Connecticut resident could not be located; and that the other four (4) Connecticut residents had opted to remain in Debt Settlement Solutions’ program at no cost to such residents.”

Debt Settlement Solutions stated that as of May 2011, it ceased and desisted from engaging or offering to engage in debt negotiation in Connecticut.

As a result the State has said, “Upon issuance of this Consent Order by the Commissioner, this matter will be resolved and the Commissioner will not take any future enforcement action against Debt Settlement Solutions based upon the allegation contained in the Notice and set forth herein.” – Source

Jason Simmons is identified as the president of Debt Settlement Solutions. A hat tip goes out to Jason for just doing what was necessary.

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