Mizner Grande – Consumer Complaint – September 17, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I have been having issues with my home mortgage. I do not remember calling this law firm but I was called by a Law Firm located in Boca Raton, FL. called Mizner Grande.

When I was first contacted they were very accessible all until they started taking my money out of my account. The first mistake they made was charging me almost triple than what my contract said.

I contacted my bank after seeing this (Which made me over draft my account) by $340 dollars). When I called the bank they told me that there was no such charge from a law firm? But from another company. Which happened to be a marketing company MLB MARKETING AKA MIZNER GRANDE FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.

I was desperate to get some answers but Mizner Grande Law would not return my calls or emails. I did get to find out that the company that charged me for the fees owner is not even an Attorney! . His name is Jonathan Sabia not a registered on the Florida Bar! Now I am at a lost, now what?

Consumer Action Taken:

I have been calling them for over 20 days with no response.

Date This Problem Happened: August 22, 2013

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,800

Company Name: Mizner Grande, MLB Marketing

Company Address:

902 Clint Moore Rd
Boca Raton, FL

Company Telephone Number: 561-910-5926

Website of Company: miznergrandelaw.com

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65 thoughts on “Mizner Grande – Consumer Complaint – September 17, 2013”

      • Former Lake Worth attorney Timothy McCabe is expected to plead guilty Thursday in federal court to bank fraud six months after the 55-year-old father of three went on the lam in a bizarre vanishing act with an estimated $8 million in client money.

        In the weeks and months that have followed his April 2 disappearance, more strange stories from former clients have come to light while his alleged victims still don’t know how their money was spent or where the unassuming family man went before turning himself in to the FBI in June.

        Some have moved on, recouping their losses through insurance and writing off their relationship with McCabe as a learning experience. Others hope to regain money through lawsuits and still reel from McCabe’s betrayal.

        Adriana Rodriguez, a Winter Garden resident, said she feels twice deceived. She thought McCabe was defending her foreclosure, yet she’s scrambling to save her home from an Oct. 28 auction.

        And then there was the phone call.

        “Are you aware of what happened with Tim McCabe?” Rodriguez recalls the conversation beginning when she answered the phone in early April.

        McCabe’s disappearance had yet to make the news and Rodriguez, 32, had no reason to believe something was amiss.

        “He’s deceased,” she said she was told during the call by a McCabe employee who had been working on her loan modification.

        Rodriguez said she began paying McCabe $595 a month around May 2012 after she stumbled on his firm during an Internet search. McCabe did leave a few cryptic emails telling of secret deals, “very bad business decisions,” and “setting his affairs in order,” if he could not rectify his mistakes.

        But he hadn’t been declared dead and Rodriguez said she wasn’t told he had gone missing with client money. Instead, in complaints to the Florida Attorney General and the Florida Bar, she said the McCabe employee told her an attorney from the Mizner Grande Law Firm in Boca Raton was taking McCabe’s cases.

        A few days after that she learned that McCabe was missing.

        “I signed the paperwork with (Mizner Grande) believing that I knew the truth,” Rodriguez said in her Bar complaint. “Then I read in the news about Timothy McCabe stealing money from his company and his disappearance.”

        She fired Mizner Grande, a registered fictitious name in state records for the Law Office of Howard Feinmel, and the firm refunded her money. The Florida Bar dismissed her complaint of unethical behavior as unfounded.

        “I feel like people’s lives are being played with,” Rodriguez said.

        In six lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County since his disappearance, McCabe is accused of running a Ponzi scheme, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars through a nationwide foreclosure defense scam, duping a company into buying Iraqi dinars with promises of “significant profit,” and swindling real estate investors. There are complaints that discounted tickets purchased through his Deerfield Beach-based Cruise Superstore were never delivered, and decades-long friend Marie Pupke of Delray Beach said she lost $1.2 million through a McCabe-run investment club.

        McCabe has been disbarred and faces a possible 30-year prison sentence. In late August, he mortgaged the Boca Raton home he owns with his wife for $500,000.

        “I think it will help me mentally if he’s convicted,” said Vickie Meyer, a Palm Beach Gardens-based Realtor with clients who lost escrow money to McCabe.

        The losses jeopardized sales and cost Meyer about $34,000 in commission, she said.

        “The betrayal never goes away, but I’m starting to realize there are a lot more people like Tim out there in the world,” Meyer said.

        Lantana resident Joe Woolf has fared better than many of McCabe’s former clients. He recouped money lost in a refinance deal handled by McCabe through insurance. Woolf said he feels sorry for McCabe and his family, but may have felt differently if he hadn’t recovered his money.

        “I hope he is able to straighten his life back out and everyone gets paid,” Woolf said.

        Florida Department of State records show that McCabe registered a new company, Defense Services Group, in July 2012 that is separate from the Lake Worth firm he ran with fellow attorney Steven Samiljan. The company’s mailing address is the same as that of the McCabe and Samiljan law, but some clients say they went to a Coral Springs office to sign up for loan modification help from McCabe.

        Max Barnes, a 61-year-old Davie resident, said he saw a McCabe commercial on TV and went to a Coral Springs location to talk about his upside down mortgage. What followed left him baffled.

        Barnes, who was current on his loan payments, said he was told documents were missing from his mortgage that violated truth-in-lending laws and that McCabe’s company could sue the banks for the breach. Barnes said McCabe wanted to use his case to pursue a class action lawsuit. Barnes agreed and signed a contract to have his bank account debited about $600 each month for payments.

        At the same time, McCabe’s office would also work on a loan modification for Barnes.

        “We were really optimistic about the way this thing was moving forward,” Barnes said. “He’s an attorney, we trusted his word.”

        Months later, Barnes said he got a letter saying that McCabe was dropping him as a client for non-payment. Barnes had paid about $2,500 but noticed that the firm had stopped debiting his account. A colleague of McCabe’s called and said the letter was a mistake and not to worry about it, Barnes said.

        Then McCabe disappeared. Barnes said he was told that McCabe was just one of many attorneys working in the Coral Springs office and that someone else could handle his case.

        Still, he decided to contact his bank. The bank confirmed it had a loan modification package for Barnes including a hardship letter.

        “I said, ‘Wait a minute, I never wrote a hardship letter,’” Barnes said. “We asked for a copy of it, and it said I had lost my job and that my wife was pregnant, with twins.”

        Barnes’ wife, Isabel, is 51.

        “Someone else wrote that letter, and someone else signed it,” Barnes said. “We were paying our mortgage. There was no hardship.”

        The couple refinanced into a lower interest rate after cutting ties with McCabe’s firm.

        McCabe’s change of plea hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach.

        • Unreal. You would think Feinmel would look to stay under the radar with this new scam but what does he do ? He affiliates himself with another embezzler (Ed Cherry being the other) in McCabe and casts the spotlight directly onto himself with the AG. The stupidity is priceless. WTF ?

  1. You wonder why the assumption is made you are involved with them yet you had a “client” check the same day there was an issue and you also mention “class” as they did. Not sure who you are but I’ve worked with these guys and they have many more then 2 offices in this complex and if you are going to share space maybe you should check who you are sharing it with if you’re truly “reasonably concerned” Think about where you live, would you move to a place with extremely high crime rates? Well, your business is in a place with extremely high crime rate… Don’t blame others, blame your neighbors and help do something about it.

  2. It’s not clear exactly who you are responding to here. I never made a statement all companies located at 902 are shams.

    The original post from the consumer did not list the suite number, that was not an oversight by me. I did the additional research to locate the suite number for clarification.

    Crony posters?

    And as I already said, upon the suggestion of Anon2 I forwarded the complaint to the BBB for investigation.

    Since you work in the same complex who is listed as occupying suite 128?

    I see from your email address you are a Jets fan. That Bills game was wild.

  3. In a shocking turn of events the http://www.miznergrandelaw.com website has been taken down ! When you turn on the lights the cockroaches scatter. Guess they did not want the attention after these posts. Knowing these pricks they have multiple names filed already. These corps were filed only back in March and May of this year. Problem is, they can’t move their operations fast enough to avoid detection at 902 Clint Moore Rd right Larry/Ed/Howard et al ?

    • Interesting. Good thing I downloaded a copy of the site then before it went offline.

      Another interesting coincidence you posted yesterday, August Belmont – Mizner Grande. I totally missed that connection but thanks to Anon2 posting the Mizner Grande bio it made it much clearer once you mentioned it.

      Another interesting observation from yesterday was that comment from an anonymous attorney complaining that a client of theirs searched 902 Clint Moore Road and found this article. I looked and could not find it in the first ten pages of google by address.

      A the biggest red flag to me is the attack against the consumer by the alleged Mizner Grande consumer advocates who post anonymously and then turn to attack me yet never answer any question. It does seem vaguely familiar.

      • I think it is safe to lable this a scam now. What legitimate law firm shutters their site after a few exposing posts on a blog ? One that consists of serial con artists that’s who. Get that site info over to Kimberly Miller and the AG’s office as well as contact info for that consumer who complained so they can do follow up. I am sure that “phantom” attorney who complained was nothing more than an imposter posting on behalf of these scumbags to try and relieve some of the pressure placed on them yesterday. The fucking cowards ran ! Meanwhile, one of their own, this Nick Torgerson character put out a bunch of self prepared media hype recently on the internet announcing he was fighting the AG on those charges filed against him. The Palm Beach Post did an article on this earlier this week. He is kidding right ? He was stone cold busted working for Fidelity Land Trust ! These guys live in a state of denial that is breathtaking. Keep up the good work, Steve. Who knows how many consumers would have fallen prey to these lowlifes via Mizner Grande . BTW, I wonder if Howard has concocted some new legal theory that he is prepared to argue with those Federal judges who bitch slapped him previously that would cause them to view his (actually Ed Cherry’s) theory differently. Doubt it. I am sure they just wanted to keep that cash cow flowing with the same old scam.

      • The corporate names are a bi-product of the smugness of Ed Cherry, who thinks he is smarter than everyone else because he surrounds himself with morons like Larry Diodato . The phantom attorney was an obvious insider trying to create some pushback as they believe the best form of defense is a good offense. The moron posting yesterday, Anon2, is surely just another spoke in the wheel who is making a few measly bucks selling this scam which is all he needs to justify it. What I find ironic is the fact that these scumbags continue to defend themselves as if they are running a legitimate business when they know it is a pure, unadulterated scam. Case in point, the self produced media on the internet by one Nick Torgerson who was stone cold busted as part of Fidelity Land Trust and now is trying to claim he is ready to fight the AG over his recent charges because he also did nothing wrong. Good luck with that. Why change the name of your company multiple times if this scam is legit ? Why shut down the website because of one complaint and a few blog posts ? Why hide behind the curtain Ed and Larry when you tell anyone who will listen you have not done anything wrong and the AG suit is bullshit ? I will tell you why. You are lying, thieving scumbags who know nothing else but how to be a con artist and rip people off for your own benefit. Steve, keep up the good work. Who knows how many consumers were saved from yet another scam brought to you by the Ed Cherry, Larry Diodato, Howard Feinmel team. Send that website info over to Kim Miller for her next story and the AG for their continued investigation. Clock is ticking for you guys. Just ask the idiots at KATM.

      • I’m the Gentlemen that brought up the issue of the address of 902 Clint Moore. I said that a client called in concerned over something she saw with the same address as our company.
        You absolutely stated that the address of two sham companies were the same which certainly cast dispersions over the address itself. No matter what your issue is, there is no way to deny that making your post without listing the office number was, in fact, a mistake and a classless mistake at that.
        Now, you are insinuating that my post was an “interesting one”. What benefit would any involved person have in asking you to specifically identify the full address of the scam? Please respond with an answer to this question. Because, you are inferring that I am linked and decided to out myself more by having you list the exact office number???? Do you now see how ridiculous your statement is?
        I’m glad that you help to uncover shaky businesses, but it is also clear that you guys are very reckless in your approach. Accusations are thrown around at a high rate on here. I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to give you information. It seems like you guys (you and your crony posters) act as Judge Dredds and burn people on the spot because they don’t provide information that you feel you are entitled too?
        If these people have wrong doing then I say burn them, but my guess is that if all checks out there will not be 30 post praising them and taking back all that has been implied.
        Once again, I do not know if these people are guilty or innocent, but considering they recommended that you have a complaint made because they are confident that the information is inaccurate is somewhat perplexing to me if they have done wrong, no?
        Regardless, why attack me? Because, I asked you to clarify the office number with the issue you are referring too? This makes me a suspect? And, a suspect would gain from this how? This is site comes off as conspiracy theorist in a lot of ways. I wish you well and hope you begin to reevaluate your level of professionalism.

    • The website is now back up and soliciting business. However, in one interesting twist the website no longer mentions the suite number. I’m assuming that “Reasonably Concerned” will now send their “secretary” around to their office to correct that change to prevent consumers from getting confused. Look forward to update from Reasonably Concerned.

      • Steve, still no BBB Complaint. The Facts are Mr. Feinmel has an A- rating with the BBB, has been engaged in the practice of law since 1999 and has 11 BBB complaints and NO disciplinary history with the Florida Bar. I think that everyone needs to apologize for piling on to that fake consumer complaint against a lawyer with an A- rating, 11 BBB complaints, and no Disciplinary History, including the “monitor” of this site.

        • So if the BBB was contacting the company from the complaint I forwarded you must work with Mizner Grande to know they were not contacted yet. Is that correct?

          The only person that appears to knowingly tie Feinmel in comments to Mizner Grande is you.

          Anon2 previously said and was the first to say, “That Mizner Grande defends homeowners from foreclosures and other than Jon Sabia and Mr. Feinmel, none of the others are affiliated with that firm.”

          • Steve, i really do not know how Pamela puts up with you. The fake consumer complaint was posted on your site and in response, Mr. Feinmel, an excellent attorney with an A- rating and no disciplinary history was bashed by the trolls that work for competitors. You, as the monitor of the content, fed the zoo animals with your typical provocateur garbage. “I am interested now” “Oh, ill give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not a scam” etc. And as usual, once you are faced with the truth and a request for your complete corporate information, you start with that garbage again. The corporate documents for all the entities you speak of are public record at the Florida Secretary of State. The integrity and quality of service is also represented at the BBB. Why will you not be a man rather than a coward and say: “You are right, the anonymous complaint was fake, the bashing of legitimate attorneys and business owners was also not appropriate because all their information is public record and anyone who has a real complaint against a lawyer must submit it under penalty of perjury like a human being.” So Steve, until you identify your corporate entity, everything you are doing right now is as a sole proprietorship and an individual. Keep that in mind as you monitor content on your commercial website. I am sure you conduct substantial business in Florida as well.

          • Hey Anon2…Apparently you are not being completely honest about Mr. Feinmel and his complaint history. You refer to his Delta Law Firm’s BBB status but fail to mention his prior companies like National Law Partners ( “F” rating with BBB) and Community One Law Center ( “F” rating with BBB). What about his role in Esquire Litigation Support ( “F” rating with BBB) or August Belmont and Co (“F” rating with BBB) . Legitimate attorney ? Not hardly. Crawl back under that rock you came from and save your breath trying to defend this bottom feeder.

          • Dear Anon2,

            You bravely attack me yet you remain hiding in the shadows behind an “anonymous” name. Step into the light my friend or you simply remain part of the same class of commenters you object to.

            The only person that authoritatively tied Feinmel to Mizner Grande was you. You talk like an insider but hide in the shadows and attack. I think that tells people more than any rant or vent by anyone else.

            As far as I know Anon2 has no affiliation with the company and is powerless to speak for them. So the company has not responded and has not expressed a problem with this consumer complaint.

            If you are truly with Mizner Grande and work/run/involved with them then why not simply step forward and say, this is who I am and here is all the good work we’ve done?

            Straight from the complaint this could have instantly been a good news story. I even provide a guide on how to do that. https://getoutofdebt.org/32199/how-to-handle-a-consumer-complaint-like-a-pro-and-come-out-smelling-like-a-rose It’s linked right in the complaint above.

            All that you’ve now accomplished by your rants, attacks, threats, and now dragging my wife into this, is to draw more attention to Mizner Grande.

            This could have just been complaint and positive response. But no, that’s not the way you’ve played it.

            I stand behind my comments and put my name on them. You should as well. Unless you are cowardly and have something to hide of course.

            As an interactive computer service the responsibility for submitted material and anonymous comments lies with the poster/contributor, like yourself.

            You claim I don’t identify who owns the site. It’s always been spelled out in the terms. https://getoutofdebt.org/terms/ and I’m not hiding anything.

            I’d be happy to do a few of things here.

            1. Mizner Grande has always had the opportunity to positively address the complaint, rather than fuel it. They still have the opportunity to step forward and provide any response or statement they want to make and I’ll gladly publish it with this alleged consumer complaint. If Feinmel (if he is really involved) wants to stand up and say it’s not true, I’ll take him at his word and publish his statement. He can use this form. https://getoutofdebt.org/report-an-error/

            2. If you think Feinmel is, as you appear to state, the attorney behind Mizner Grande I’ll be happy to dig deeper and do a piece on him to help clarify any confusion about his background and role if that will help to provide some clarity for readers.

            3. I can continue to leave the comments open so anyone can feel free to respond to any information they feel is incorrect, like yourself, and give everyone an opportunity to respond and clarify and comment.

            The company has never been prohibited or held back from commenting but they don’t appear to think there is an issue here because only anonymous people are responding for them. If they are not worried about it then why would someone named anon2 be defending them rather than say Feinmel?

            And if you do know someone at the company, please let them know that apparently attorneys at 902 Clint Moore road are upset with Mizner Grande and not putting their suite number on their website. You might want to respond to “Reasonably Concerned” in this thread and address his complaints about that. His irritation by not listing your suite number must really rub you the wrong way. But it didn’t. Why?

          • I just sent the following email to Feinmel asking for a response. If you actually have contact with him ask him to check his hotmail account he lists with the Florida Bar.

            Mr. Feinmel,

            An anonymous poster, Anon2, continues to insinuate you are somehow tied to a company at 902 Clint Moore Road, Mizner Grande.

            If so I would love to get an official response from you regarding the consumer complaint posted at https://getoutofdebt.org/61583/mizner-grande-consumer-complaint-september-17-2013

            I have a guide on the site about how to best respond to these sorts of things. See https://getoutofdebt.org/32199/how-to-handle-a-consumer-complaint-like-a-pro-and-come-out-smelling-like-a-rose

            You can always use this form to respond. https://getoutofdebt.org/report-an-error/


          • Steve…reach out to Kim at the PBP. She can directly tie Feinmel to this. Try to get the individual who posted the complaint to contact her as well so maybe she can run another piece on them and expose this for what it is.

          • Some are telling me there is allegedly a DBA or something on sunbiz.org that ties Feinmel to Mizner Grande. I can’t confirm though, I have not looked for it. But that might be moot anyway with Anon2 so strongly stating Feinmel is involved with them.

            I’m still waiting for Feinmell to respond to my request for a comment or statement about the complaint which I will post as soon as I get it.

            But I can confirm the BBB did reach out to the consumer who submitted the original complaint.

          • Many of you have to realize people hide their identity because they are worried about the consequences of these guys finding out or they would be telling more and they would be coming forward. You speak of a DBA, look into Johnathan Sabia and ask why he would have Mizner Grand as a DBA for his marketing company. This one is a no brainer.

  4. I’m reasonably concerned about these postings. I am a lawyer and I have an office at 902 Clint Moore Rd. I know of at least 7 other Attorney’s with offices in this location and that is with me acknowledging that I do not know the vast majority of business owners here.
    902 Clint Moore is a very large complex of buildings that contains 100’s of offices. My concern is that these types of articles/blogs/blurbs/etc start off on the fringe of out of bounds and then eventually make it all the way out of bounds. Why? Because, I, as a professional, should not be getting a call today from a worried client who looked my address up and said I must be associated with these bad people because that is what was basically insinuated on this site.
    So, I look, assuming it’s an error and much to my surprise, there it is, right in front of my eyes. My business address is being attacked and linked to some major BS. My secretary is going to start walking the complex and passing this article and your comments out immediately, bc regardless of your obvious pissing contest with these people, you are disregarding the fact that 100’s of business owners have this exact address, which includes at least 8 attorney’s. Please, do the right thing and correct your posting without the insinuation that there must be a relationship between any and all businesses because we all keep the same business address.

      • For the sake of clarity, if you are concerned that the consumer did not submit the suite number with the complaint, for the sake of clarity the listed address according to the State of Florida is “902 Clint Moore Road, Suite 128, Boca Raton, FL 33487.” It is also the address of MLB Marketing Partners who is listed as the LLC manager of MLB MARKETING INTERACTIVE LLC who registered Mizner Grande as a fictitious name. Hopefully that clears up any possible confusion anyone might have.

        • Expect another “Larry Diodato is screaming at me” episode, Steve. God forbid someone should uncover their next sham corp and put the name of that company out there so consumers can beware when they went to all that trouble to change their name yet again (to avoid detection by the FL AG of course). I am losing count. Let me see, E-Limidebt, The Center For Legal Justice, Fidelity Land Trust, Florida Land Trust, now Mizner Grande. Am I missing any ? And all at 902 Clint Moore Rd no less. For gods sake break the lease and move already to make this a bit more fun to catch you guys in your next company. You make it too easy for everyone, including the AG and the diligent reporters in Fl. who keep the spotlight on you. Is anyone to believe Feinmel is at this alone without Cherry, Diodato and their cast of characters behind it ? Cmon now. BTW, I love how they use the names of August Belmont and Mizner Grande who were respected businessmen in their time leaving behind a legacy of doing good but now have their reputations sullied because these guys are trying to attain a modicum of respectability for businesses that are out to destroy peoples lives. Nicely done boys.

          • About time someone said it, THANK YOU!!! We all know whats going on, it’s just another way to collect fees and maybe you are actually doing sometime (doubt it) but your sales reps hang out down town every weekend and drink until they talk about all the BS you guys pull. Maybe the AG or whoever should finally shut this group down for good. Mizner Grande, MLB Marketing, Mizner Financial, etc… Are we really that stupid to believe any of the crap that you post. Steve, don’t give the benefit of the doubt because there isn’t any doubt who’s running shop and who’s collecting money over there… CONSUMERS BEWARE!

          • Look at the facts. Feinmel was charged for upfront fee related issues in Indiana by the AG. He was threatened with sanctions by a Federal judge in Florida in the Fidelity Land Trust scam. He is/was under investigation by the Florida Bar for fee splitting.. He was undressed by more than one judge for his frivolous, meritless, baseless lawsuits filed against lenders in the Fidelity Land Trust scam. He was lambasted by another judge for having no idea what he filed in another Fidelity Land Trust suit, having to come clean it was all prepared by Ed Cherry, a non attorney ( and master puppeteer ) . And, he has been the attorney of record for The Center For Legal Justice, August Belmont and Co and Fidelity Land Trust, all run by Cherry and Diodato and all closed down. If you don’t think this is being run by those same scumbags then you are either a moron or live in a cave. Yup, this is the attorney I would hire to handle my case for sure. He has a beautiful track record.

  5. Wow, look at the address and you know who takes up residence there. FYI, sabia is Feinmel’s paralegal and also runs his out of state attorney network. Smart guy but not an attorney.

    • I’m willing to give Mizner Grande the benefit of the doubt there is a reasonable answer to questions raised but from current information it does appear Sabia is a non-lawyer who claims to own a law firm under the name Mizner Grande. They do describe themselves as a law firm and say “Mizner Grande a Law Firm.”

      And since they say, “Operationally, we manage 144 law firms in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Any issue in any location is resolvable,” certainly the questions raised here should take ten seconds to respond to with some clarity to resolve the consumer problem.

      I’m not willing to say scam at the moment but there are certainly some issues that could use some clarification and explanation especially in light of the Florida Attorney General actions against land trust companies.

      • Land Trust Companies? What exactly is a land trust company Steve? Why don’t you put up a “Who We Are Page” and list the complete corporate structure of your company? Your corporate filings are nearly impossible to locate. No offense, but your starting to look like that extortionist that owns “Rip Off Report” Hey Steve, how much to delete an anonymous post?

        • The page is at https://getoutofdebt.org/about-steve-rhode/ and https://getoutofdebt.org/terms/

          Where is your page?

          Let’s recap here. An entity submitted a complaint to the site and raised an issue. The issue raised should have been a ten second issue to deal with. Instead whoever you are is now on the attack.

          Is Mizner Grande a world class law firm or not?

          In relation to what I was referring to with the land trust issue, please see the original article about the FL AG action as a jumping off point. https://getoutofdebt.org/46229/details-on-florida-attorney-general-lawsuit-against-fidelity-land-trust-ed-cherry-larry-diodato-and-others

          • Steve, i am not a twit like most of the nobodys that troll here. What is the complete corporate name and address including your registered agent of your company. That self serving “I am an interactive information service provider” for purposes of no liability for content under the Telecommunications Act is cowardly. And that po box attorney you have is equally “transparent”.

          • Equally transparent? Christopher Livingston, Esq. is a licensed attorney with the North Carolina Bar. His identity and information are posted right there for you. I’ll email him so he can come and answer any questions you might have on this thread. His website is at http://www.fairdebtlawyer.com and he is also a consumer advocate attorney as Mizner Grande describes themselves.

            If we can all take a step back for a moment, you will notice that this has turned into an attack against me for no apparent reason. I have no dog in this hunt.

            My involvement in this post was politely asking a simple question in response to a comment from someone who identified themselves as Anon2. And instead anon2 has done nothing but attack me and nearly not answer any of the questions raised.

            May I humbly suggest a different approach, https://getoutofdebt.org/32199/how-to-handle-a-consumer-complaint-like-a-pro-and-come-out-smelling-like-a-rose

          • Addison Cairns Mizner (December 12, 1872 – February 5, 1933) was an American resort architect whose Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival style interpretations left an indelible stamp on South Florida, where it continues to inspire architects and land developers.[1] In the 1920s Mizner was the best-known and most-discussed living American architect.[2] Mizner was the visionary behind the development of Boca Raton, Florida.

  6. Please look into them, there is a lot to find. Here are a few people involved. MLB marketing is not a law firm but collect legal fees with their DBA as Mizner Grande. It is a scam, I was a salesman for a little while until I found out who I was actually working for.

    Ed Cherry
    Jonathan Sabia
    Larry Diodado
    Paul Gellenbeck
    Howard Finmel

    • More internet slander. That Mizner Grande defends homeowners from foreclosures and other than Jon Sabia and Mr. Feinmel, none of the others are affiliated with that firm. I am guessing the “problem” with the consumer’s mortgage is that they stopped paying it, and “anon” could not be a “sales person” because the firm has no “sales people”. The internet is a funny place where no bodies with no future can slander people with a future. Not one client of the firm has been displaced from their homes and some cases are as old as 2008.

      • Thank you for your feedback and information. Since you are familiar with the firm, can you help shed some light on who is MLB MARKETING INTERACTIVE LLC is in relation to this company?

        And who really owns the company since the ownership is hidden behind MLB Marketing Partners and not transparent.

        It is a bit perplexing that yet another land trust company would be located at the same street address as others in trouble are located. Coincidence?

        Some transparency on ownership and help to successfully resolve the consumer complaint would go a long way.

        • The consumer is a figment of someones imagination. If a bank account was charged without authorization, the consumer should fill out a “Affidavit of Unauthorized Debit” this will have them put their “money where there mouth is” because it will subject them to Bank Fraud if they are lying. The consumer should file a complaint with the BBB and i assure you it will be investigated and posted on this website. Your funny about “transparency” being that this is an anonymous complaint. How about the consumer shows his private parts first.

          • Certainly not the response I would have expected from a firm that says, “When asked what he does for a living, he managing partners explains that he sues banks, debt collectors and credit reporting agencies with impunity. In fact, only 11 attorneys in Florida hold themselves our as protecting the rights of debtors.” Why so defensive and not rushing to resolve this openly and quickly?

            Let’s say the consumer complaint is bogus for the sake of this discussion. Why would that be material to answering questions raised about who the firm and entities behind it really are?

            Dodging the questions just raises more questions. Answering the questions verifiably puts this behind all of us in ten seconds.

          • Steve: MLB Marketing, LLC d/b/a Mizner Grande is not a law firm and Jon Sabia is not “holding himself out as a law firm”. Mizner Grande is a popular name in Florida. The Mizner Grande Law Firm is a separate and distinct legal entity. And, no consumer was billed in August 2013 that resulted in an overdraft to their account. As i said before, if the complaint is legit, the consumer should file an Affidavit with their bank. If it is not legit, as a responsible owner/operator of a commercial website, you should pull the post and not comment that “Jon, a non-lawyer is holding himself out as owning a law firm” that is patently false and irresponsible.

          • So help me to understand if Mizer Grande is a marketing firm managed by Jonathan Sabia but owned by MLB Marketing Partners, unknown ownership, and mizergrandelaw.com is the website for MLB Marketing, the owner of the fictitious name, and the website describes themselves as a law firm, how is that not a legitimate question to ask or an observation to make? It might be incorrect but please, shed some light and help clarify.

            In fact the domain is owned by Shane SantaCroce. A search of the Florida Bar could not locate an attorney by that name. Maybe you can help clarify that?

          • This is Shane and to clarify I did help them set up their domain, there was an issue with their IT staff that did not allow the transfer properly so it apparently has stayed in my name. This was brought to my attention today due to these post so Thank you. This is being rectified as we speak, I apologize for any confusion but I do not work for or with Mizner. I am not now nor was I ever any type of principle of Mizner Grande Law, Mizner Grande, or MLB Marketing.

          • He was located, if you’d like please email me and I’ll update you with the situation. Pretty sad situation for everyone involved…

          • Shane, I would like to get some clarification on a statement I received as a result of documents released. Is it true or false you involved with Paul Gellenbeck in a previous enterprise? Maybe involving telephones or telemarketing.

          • Shane,

            I did not hear back from you regarding my question 3 days ago of your alleged involvement with Paul Gellenbeck.

            The information came from a 2011 complaint filed with the Florida Attorney General office which alleged Gregg Ferstman, Paul Gellenbeck, and Shane SantaCroce were involved in American Financial Lifeline, Auto Advisors and Appraisals, American Legal Attorney Services, United Attorney Services, and Consumer Protection Advisors.

            Telemarketing for Lifeguard Financial was also mentioned in the complaint. The complaint also mentioned the Law Office of Evan Kagan.

            I’d be happy to post the complaint to give you a chance to respond if you might be unaware of the entities mentioned and allegedly tied to you and Gellenback. I want to make sure your voice and response is heard.

            So I’m even more curious now if Mizer Grande and your relationship with it had any relationship or interaction with Gellenbeck.

          • Not sure what your interest in me or any relationships are but I did give you a valid email and I will send it again. I assisted in setting up a website for Mizner and when I found out it was left in my name I addressed it and transferred it immediately.That is the extent of my relationship, Gellenbeck and I did business for a brief time but certainly not with Lifeguard or any of its companies and there was never a anything stating I was “Telemarketing for Lifeguard Financial” and if there was it is completely false. I have never had a working relationship with them. I hope that clarifies your questions.

          • I was just sourcing documents from the Florida Attorney General office regarding a 2011 statement made by an alleged former employee, DW. It is quite possible the statement DW provided to the FL AG is incorrect or you might not know it is out there. Not really for me to get in the middle of that. I’m only posting one page from this document to help clarify where the information came from so you can better understand.

            The bigger document from alleged former employee DW, I was told, was allegedly part of a case involving Gellenbeck and that is how I understand your name got dragged in and this became released to the public.

            If you want to totally disavow the statements made as false, you are free to respond and make any comment.

            If you say you had nothing to do with the MiznerGrande.com domain name other than register it, I believe you. I have no reason to doubt you.

            From my previous comment, “So I’m even more curious now if Mizer Grande and your relationship with it had any relationship or interaction with Gellenbeck?”

          • Ooops ! Bet you won’t be hearing from Shane again. These guys are all not guilty until you present them with the facts. Then they clam up. Got no response from Anon2 either about the “F” ratings of those previous Feinmel companies after he was touting his A- BBB rating and what a reputable attorney he is. Curious to know why an attorney has multiple companies btw. You would think an attorney would try to build a reputation for just the one and offer all services under one roof in lieu of having different names, addresses, etc.Hmmmm…Sure does smell funny.

          • Not sure what this has to do with Mizner, I helped open a website and that was the end of it. You brought it to my attention and I transferred it. As far as “alleged” information by all means proved some facts of anything I have ever done to hurt a consumer or helped as everyone is stating “these guys” do harm and I’ll address. Otherwise it is simple non-sense. I’m pretty sure if anything in the DW statement was true you would have probably had my name on your site in 2011 when it BS happen. For the record the “raid” with 5 different government agencies last a total of about 3 hours and they left with nothing an no one. If you believe it’s because they didn’t look at the bottom of a basket then thats up to you but in the end is it possible they just realized there was nothing to find. The individuals form Mizner had nothing to do with that. If you work if Florida you will always be subject to scrutiny for any relationship you have so feel free to say whatever you like but the facts remain there is no reason to continue the attempt to tie my name to any of this.

          • Maybe you missed the question, “So I’m even more curious now if Mizer Grande and your relationship with it had any relationship or interaction with Gellenbeck?”

          • As you suggested, I have forwarded the consumer complaint to the BBB for them to investigate. I’ll be happy to post an update with their findings to satisfy your request.

          • The only reason this came up is because it is a service Mizner Grande says they offer and implement as part of their strategy. If you work for them why would you not know that?

            The Mizner Grande website says, “We transfer the property into a Florida Land Trust and collateralize the loan with the beneficial interests of the land trust.”

          • Oh, okay. Do this. Read the Florida Land Trust Act and then buy Mark Warda’s Book “Florida Land Trusts”. If you give me your home address, i’ll get it from amazon and ship it to you. . . once you read it, then comment on land trusts otherwise, you are nothing more than a drone. Have some class man your white for heaven’s sake. Be a responsible journalist. . class up the industry.

          • I own the book and it is sitting right here on my desk. If my answer why the land trust issue came up and you already knew it was on your own website, then why ask?

            I don’t even know if you represent the firm or even have any authority to speak for them. At least I identify myself openly, you still post behind Anon2. Not a big confidence builder.

          • Seems like a pretty racist comment, what exactly do you mean by “Have some class man your white for heavens sake” Maybe you should post who you are and we can talk in person about that last post…

      • Hey Anon2….Not one client displaced since you were established May 2013 you mean ? Impressive. Where do they find idiots like you for hire ? Selling oranges on the freeway ? Some cases are as old as 2008 yet your company was formed 4 months ago. How fucking stupid are you dude ? You think you have a future there ? Your future entails handing out paper towels and mints in the mens room. You should have stayed in school. Start hanging out and working for a better class of people as I do not want to have to pay for your unemployment checks with my taxes.


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