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Mizner Grande – Consumer Complaint – September 17, 2013

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I have been having issues with my home mortgage. I do not remember calling this law firm but I was called by a Law Firm located in Boca Raton, FL. called Mizner Grande.

When I was first contacted they were very accessible all until they started taking my money out of my account. The first mistake they made was charging me almost triple than what my contract said.

I contacted my bank after seeing this (Which made me over draft my account) by $340 dollars). When I called the bank they told me that there was no such charge from a law firm? But from another company. Which happened to be a marketing company MLB MARKETING AKA MIZNER GRANDE FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.

I was desperate to get some answers but Mizner Grande Law would not return my calls or emails. I did get to find out that the company that charged me for the fees owner is not even an Attorney! . His name is Jonathan Sabia not a registered on the Florida Bar! Now I am at a lost, now what?

Consumer Action Taken:

I have been calling them for over 20 days with no response.

Date This Problem Happened: August 22, 2013

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,800

Company Name: Mizner Grande, MLB Marketing

Company Address:

902 Clint Moore Rd
Boca Raton, FL

Company Telephone Number: 561-910-5926

Website of Company:

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      • Former Lake Worth attorney Timothy McCabe is expected to plead guilty Thursday in federal court to bank fraud six months after the 55-year-old father of three went on the lam in a bizarre vanishing act with an estimated $8 million in client money.

        In the weeks and months that have followed his April 2 disappearance, more strange stories from former clients have come to light while his alleged victims still don’t know how their money was spent or where the unassuming family man went before turning himself in to the FBI in June.

        Some have moved on, recouping their losses through insurance and writing off their relationship with McCabe as a learning experience. Others hope to regain money through lawsuits and still reel from McCabe’s betrayal.

        Adriana Rodriguez, a Winter Garden resident, said she feels twice deceived. She thought McCabe was defending her foreclosure, yet she’s scrambling to save her home from an Oct. 28 auction.

        And then there was the phone call.

        “Are you aware of what happened with Tim McCabe?” Rodriguez recalls the conversation beginning when she answered the phone in early April.

        McCabe’s disappearance had yet to make the news and Rodriguez, 32, had no reason to believe something was amiss.

        “He’s deceased,” she said she was told during the call by a McCabe employee who had been working on her loan modification.

        Rodriguez said she began paying McCabe $595 a month around May 2012 after she stumbled on his firm during an Internet search. McCabe did leave a few cryptic emails telling of secret deals, “very bad business decisions,” and “setting his affairs in order,” if he could not rectify his mistakes.

        But he hadn’t been declared dead and Rodriguez said she wasn’t told he had gone missing with client money. Instead, in complaints to the Florida Attorney General and the Florida Bar, she said the McCabe employee told her an attorney from the Mizner Grande Law Firm in Boca Raton was taking McCabe’s cases.

        A few days after that she learned that McCabe was missing.

        “I signed the paperwork with (Mizner Grande) believing that I knew the truth,” Rodriguez said in her Bar complaint. “Then I read in the news about Timothy McCabe stealing money from his company and his disappearance.”

        She fired Mizner Grande, a registered fictitious name in state records for the Law Office of Howard Feinmel, and the firm refunded her money. The Florida Bar dismissed her complaint of unethical behavior as unfounded.

        “I feel like people’s lives are being played with,” Rodriguez said.

        In six lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County since his disappearance, McCabe is accused of running a Ponzi scheme, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars through a nationwide foreclosure defense scam, duping a company into buying Iraqi dinars with promises of “significant profit,” and swindling real estate investors. There are complaints that discounted tickets purchased through his Deerfield Beach-based Cruise Superstore were never delivered, and decades-long friend Marie Pupke of Delray Beach said she lost $1.2 million through a McCabe-run investment club.

        McCabe has been disbarred and faces a possible 30-year prison sentence. In late August, he mortgaged the Boca Raton home he owns with his wife for $500,000.

        “I think it will help me mentally if he’s convicted,” said Vickie Meyer, a Palm Beach Gardens-based Realtor with clients who lost escrow money to McCabe.

        The losses jeopardized sales and cost Meyer about $34,000 in commission, she said.

        “The betrayal never goes away, but I’m starting to realize there are a lot more people like Tim out there in the world,” Meyer said.

        Lantana resident Joe Woolf has fared better than many of McCabe’s former clients. He recouped money lost in a refinance deal handled by McCabe through insurance. Woolf said he feels sorry for McCabe and his family, but may have felt differently if he hadn’t recovered his money.

        “I hope he is able to straighten his life back out and everyone gets paid,” Woolf said.

        Florida Department of State records show that McCabe registered a new company, Defense Services Group, in July 2012 that is separate from the Lake Worth firm he ran with fellow attorney Steven Samiljan. The company’s mailing address is the same as that of the McCabe and Samiljan law, but some clients say they went to a Coral Springs office to sign up for loan modification help from McCabe.

        Max Barnes, a 61-year-old Davie resident, said he saw a McCabe commercial on TV and went to a Coral Springs location to talk about his upside down mortgage. What followed left him baffled.

        Barnes, who was current on his loan payments, said he was told documents were missing from his mortgage that violated truth-in-lending laws and that McCabe’s company could sue the banks for the breach. Barnes said McCabe wanted to use his case to pursue a class action lawsuit. Barnes agreed and signed a contract to have his bank account debited about $600 each month for payments.

        At the same time, McCabe’s office would also work on a loan modification for Barnes.

        “We were really optimistic about the way this thing was moving forward,” Barnes said. “He’s an attorney, we trusted his word.”

        Months later, Barnes said he got a letter saying that McCabe was dropping him as a client for non-payment. Barnes had paid about $2,500 but noticed that the firm had stopped debiting his account. A colleague of McCabe’s called and said the letter was a mistake and not to worry about it, Barnes said.

        Then McCabe disappeared. Barnes said he was told that McCabe was just one of many attorneys working in the Coral Springs office and that someone else could handle his case.

        Still, he decided to contact his bank. The bank confirmed it had a loan modification package for Barnes including a hardship letter.

        “I said, ‘Wait a minute, I never wrote a hardship letter,’” Barnes said. “We asked for a copy of it, and it said I had lost my job and that my wife was pregnant, with twins.”

        Barnes’ wife, Isabel, is 51.

        “Someone else wrote that letter, and someone else signed it,” Barnes said. “We were paying our mortgage. There was no hardship.”

        The couple refinanced into a lower interest rate after cutting ties with McCabe’s firm.

        McCabe’s change of plea hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach.

        • Unreal. You would think Feinmel would look to stay under the radar with this new scam but what does he do ? He affiliates himself with another embezzler (Ed Cherry being the other) in McCabe and casts the spotlight directly onto himself with the AG. The stupidity is priceless. WTF ?

  • You wonder why the assumption is made you are involved with them yet you had a “client” check the same day there was an issue and you also mention “class” as they did. Not sure who you are but I’ve worked with these guys and they have many more then 2 offices in this complex and if you are going to share space maybe you should check who you are sharing it with if you’re truly “reasonably concerned” Think about where you live, would you move to a place with extremely high crime rates? Well, your business is in a place with extremely high crime rate… Don’t blame others, blame your neighbors and help do something about it.

  • It’s not clear exactly who you are responding to here. I never made a statement all companies located at 902 are shams.

    The original post from the consumer did not list the suite number, that was not an oversight by me. I did the additional research to locate the suite number for clarification.

    Crony posters?

    And as I already said, upon the suggestion of Anon2 I forwarded the complaint to the BBB for investigation.

    Since you work in the same complex who is listed as occupying suite 128?

    I see from your email address you are a Jets fan. That Bills game was wild.

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