Rural Housing Service is Looking for Debt Settlement Help

If you are a debt relief company and have not yet reached out to the Rural Housing Service (RHS) to provide debt settlement or debt relief help to their clients, maybe you should.

The Rural Housing Service (RHS) is a credit agency for rural housing and community development within the Rural Development mission area of the Department of Agriculture.

RHS offers a supervised credit program to extend financial assistance to construct, improve, alter, repair, replace or rehabilitate dwellings, which will provide modest, decent, safe, and sanitary housing to eligible individuals living in rural areas.

Sometimes this assistance fails and the accounts become delinquent. However, the RHS works with borrowers to settle their debts.

RHS collects information to verify program eligibility requirements; continued eligibility requirements for borrower assistance; servicing of loans; eligibility for special servicing assistance such as: payment subsidies, moratorium (stop) on payments, delinquency workout agreements; liquidation of loans; and, debt settlement.

It’s worth looking into to see if there isn’t some opportunity for your debt relief company to help the local offices out. You can find a local office to contact using this map.


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