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Cabanillas Law – Consumer Complaint – October 7, 2014

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I have paid a law firm 15,000.00 for a loan modification in which they never submitted any of the paperwork and i received a sale date from the bank and the law firm called and asked for an additional 5000.00 to stop the sheriffs sale on the same day as the property was to be sold. The attorney had no idea that i personnially had the sheriffs sale postponed until November 18th 2014 , and with them calling for an additional 5000.00 made it very clear all there doing is extorting money from me. I am in the process of getting all the paperwork together as proof of all the money paid to them and how nothing to date has been done. Law firms like this that extort money should be fined and put out of business.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have not resolved anything with the law firm, i am now working with people who are assisting me for free, in which we had the sheriffs sale postponed, and a complete modification has been submitted to both my servicers and investor of my home.

Date This Problem Happened: January 1, 2014

State You Live in: New Jersey


Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $15,000

Company Name: Cabanillas Law

Company Address:

4100 Kennedy Blvd
Ste 201
Union City, NJ 07087

Company Telephone Number: 201-751-4114

Website of Company:

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