My Debt From Qatar is Chasing Me in India

“Dear Jon,

Kindly help me to know a case I took personal loan while Job in Qatar I was on my home country on leave I got know that my Visa my Employer has cancelled based some fake information.Even they informed Bank commercial bank of Qatar.I AM TRYING to go for Job in GCC other than Qatar since QATAR BANS OR TWO YEAR WOULD THIER ANY PROBLEM in IMMIGRATION COZ BIKISH INDIA PRIVATE RECOVERY AGENT ARE CALLING ME AND THREATING FOR GCC BANN



Help me to understand a few things here.

You were living in Qatar and have an outstanding loan there, your Visa was cancelled and you are now in your home country.

What country is your home country?

I am assuming you in arrears with this loan as you mention a recovery agent.

Do you have any other outstanding debts?

Do you have any means to pay the loan, or can family help?

Do you know if any charges or a warrant has been issued against you?

If a warrant or charges have been issued, then yes, you could face a problem if you move to a GCC country. Depending on where you live and are a citizen of, you may be able to make use of a national settlement fund.

Let me know, and we can look closer at this.



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