Will We Be Arrested Because of my Debt in Qatar if We Leave the US?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband was working in Qatar and we borrowed money from QNB there. The intention was to buy some land in the US and continue working in Qatar for a few years to pay it off. However, during our summer holidays my mother became unexpectedly ill (she almost died) and my husband … Read more

Mashreq Bank is Trying to Collect Money From Me Through Bilkish in the UK

“Dear Jon, I have an unpaid debt from 2007 when I was working in Qatar, I was given a credit card from the Mashreq Bank, I was out of the country when the company I was employed by went into liquidation. Consequently the bank never capped the interest rate and it now stands at approx … Read more

I Left Qatar Owing Money. Will I Be Arrested in India?

“Dear Steve, I left qatar with unpaid loan 135000QAR(no credit cards). Due some personal issues i have faced during my vacation in india i couldnt report to the duty on time, so the company terminated my agreement. And last one year i am in (jobless )trying for competitive exams . i have signed blank checques … Read more

I’m Having Nightmares Because of My Debt in Dubai. – Maria

“Dear Steve, I used to live in dubai from 2000 to 2009 and i failed to pay the loan and the credit cards before moving to the US and this year 2012 when I was visiting my family in my home country i got a call from a lawyer office telling me that they are … Read more

I Am Now Living in Qatar but Creditors From Abu Dhabi Are Threatening to Have Me Arrested for Debts. – Boston

Boston “Dear Steve, Good morning Sir, I was terminated from my job in Abu Dhabi in May 2008 have have left credit cards and loan balances. I sent an email and fax message to all credit card and bank company that I will repay them as soon as I get a job. I recently got … Read more