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Star Loan Network – Consumer Complaint – December 5, 2014

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I was looking for a personal loan and I placed my name with a loan seeking agency. No sooner than I hit send, my phone rang. It was a man named Alan Smith of Star Loan Network. He called me from an 844 area code and said that he would call me back. He then called from a 718 area code, but he said he was from Buffalo. After he ran down the terms of the loan (265 a month for 12 months on a $3K loan, he then tells me I must pay $150 for a start up fee. Told me to use the Green Dot Moneypak Cards without the Visa logo. Then the money trail began:
– $150 for start up
-$272 for insurance fee
-$451 for taxes( had me call the IRS of Washington State for that one!!!)
-$162 for senders fee( since there was an alleged “hold” on my account, I had to have one of the funds wired). However they tried to say that the Green Dot Money Card was voided, so I had to resend the money.

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried being reasonable with them. I wanted to cancel, but they wanted $100 dollars before refunding me my money. I told them to deduct it from what I already paid them. Mr. Smith refused. I told them I was going to notify the Atty General. Still no remorse. To this day he is still harassing me about the cancellation fee when he knows he can just deduct it from the monies paid

Date This Problem Happened: November 27, 2014

State You Live in: New York


Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,035

Company Name: Star Loan Network

Company Address:

1818 Werhle Drive
Buffalo, New York 10701

Company Telephone Number: 718-717-2859

Website of Company:

If you feel you’ve been financially hurt by a debt relief company and deserve a refund, read these step-by-step instructions on how to proceed to attempt to get your money back.

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