I’ve Lost My Job Seekers Allowance in the UK But Still in Debt

“Dear Jon,

I have been struggling with my debt for a while now. But the last straw was in November 2013 when I lost my job. By then I had few credit card bills and a loan with barclays and tesco. (about 40k). I was looking for a job, but at the same time I couldn’t pay my bills. My parents supported me for few months but that came to an end in March this year. I also had been depressed (from various reasons)and have been traveling back and forth between UK and Poland (where I’ve been seeing a psychologist) and I’ve lost my right to job seeker allowance. At that point as I had no means for living I moved to Poland for a couple of months to get some job and maybe be able to repay my debts. But obviously I haven’t had any letters forwarded for last few months so I’m not sure whether my creditors decided to take me to court for not paying the bills. I want to come back to UK to sort out my financial issues but I afraid I’m go ing to be arrested for not turning up to court. What shall I do?

Can I get arrested for not knowing about the court case (creditors don’t have current forwarding address) for not paying my debts?



It sounds as though you have been struggling with the bills and other issues for sometime now, and resolving the debts may help with some of your depression.

First, coming back to the UK will not be a problem. Having debts alone is not a crime and you will not be stopped, detained or arrested upon your return.

Returning back to the UK and establishing residency here again will actually afford you more options with the debts.

If you are eligible for any benefits, you could offer a token payment plan for a period of time if you feel you may be back to work soon. There also is bankruptcy if you wish to be done with the debts completely.

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If you don’t feel you will be back working in the near future, 6-12 months, then bankruptcy is a strong option to be rid of the debts, get a fresh start, and be relieved of the stress.

If you have any questions about bankruptcy, feel free to ask.



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