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I Am a Single Mum in the UK With a Mortgage Payment That Leaves Me Little Money Leftover. – Maria

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“Dear Steve,

I am a single mum with two children, and work part time. My whole wage covers the mortgate payments. I literallly don’t have enough money left over to pay for any other bills at all, I donlt even have a tv license. I have tried selling my house but without success. Even if I was fortunate to sell my house, renting is just as expensive as having a mortgate. My house is literally falling down around me, there are so many repairs need doing but carn’t afford to do them. I cannot answer my front door incase it’s a bailiff.

I have thought of selling my home by auction, but my dilema then, where would we live, as I have been told it is very hard to get a council house. So if you could please advise me what the best solution would be.


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