I Want to Move to the UK But Will a U.S. Bankruptcy Hurt Me?

“Dear Jon,

I am divorced and through separation and divorce agreement, my ex was to take on all debt and pay it. He has not and my credit is awful. But what I owe is connected with the ex, I have no other debt..

My question is to find out if I were to file bankruptcy here in the US, ow would it effect my chance for moving to the UK (Scotland) and live or gaining citizenship??



I am sorry to here about your circumstance and while it doesn’t make it any better, I have heard of this quite a bit over the years. As you know, a divorce decree stating one ex-spouse will pay joint debts and bills, does not over ride the original contract or agreement with the bank or creditor.

However, if you file bankruptcy in the U.S. it will break your obligations for the old debt and give you a chance to get a fresh start over here in the UK.

You going bankrupt in the states alone should not affect you moving to the UK, in specific Scotland.

Might I ask how you plan to move here? Besides taking a plane:) Have you researched obtaining a Visa to live here in the UK and all that may be involved with this? Immigration here in the UK is changing all the time.

Let me know, and if you have any questions regarding immigrating here, I may be able to help, or put you in the right direction.



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