Rescue One Financial – Consumer Complaint – February 6, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Rescue One Financial sent me a mailer pre approved for a personal loan, one easy payment, low apr. did application online. next day got a call from a person telling me I was not approved.said that they have an affiliate company that had this program where you send in money monthly and they pay off your creditors his pitch sounded like Consumer Credit Counseling, I even asked him is it consumer counseling and he said yes, after joining this company it took me 6 months to realize I was scammed by Rescue One it was like a bait and switch maneuver.

The chain of reaction that this maneuver caused me and my husband is unbelievable. I have paid 20.000 dollars to freedom financial and still owe 20.000 plus now I have to pay IRS for money that was settled with my creditors and my credit is shot to heck until 2020, I cant even get car insurance because of the credit ratings.

What is ironic I was not late on my payments and were not in any financial distress, all I wanted was to get a consolidation loan to combine all my payments so I could put some money back into my savings.

Consumer Action Taken:

Reported Rescue One to the BBB of California, CEO Brad Smith responded with nothing but lies. He called me on October and said he was the owner, all he asked was who was the rep that had called me back in 2012, I told him and he said he would investigate and call me back, but he never did. He lied to the BBB with lies.

Date This Problem Happened: July 17, 2012

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Rescue One Financial

Company Address:

2101 Business Center Dr.
Suite 120
Irvine, calif 92612

Company Telephone Number: 877-399-7684

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Website of Company: rescueonefinancial.com

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  1. This is how rescue one does all of their marketing. They say it’s for a loan and do a bait and switch. They enroll you into a debt settlement program where freedom financial does all the work. Scam for sure!


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