Why is Indian Company Bilqeesh Threatening Me in South Africa for a Dubai Debt?

“Dear Jon,

I was informed by a South African tracking company that I was handed over by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank in July 2013 and that a company Bilqeesh International were tracking me to my home country.

The Credit card limit was 10 000AED but is now standing at over 21 000AED. This amount fluctuated as I enquired about it and people I spoke to were quite rude over the phone.

I also rquested the original transactions and original contract and all activities that happened on that account to verify, because I could not fathom the jump in amount.

This South African company uses the name of Bilqeesh in their email letterheads (which is kind of suspicious) and they threatened me about having my passport blocked. I may not leave the borders of South Africa until this debt is paid.

Bilqeesh is an Indian company. Why is this South African agency using their letterhead? Why did they take so long to inform me that my account was handed over? How come they cannot provide me with any details pertaining the original account? How do I know that if i paid them the debt would be written off by the bank? Do I have to pay them and if I do not, does this mean I may never leave the borders of South Africa or use my passport ever again?



I’ll try to address your questions and concerns, however some of these you may wish to seek information from a legal professional in your area. Some of your questions are of this nature and as such may be better addressed by a solicitor or lawyer.

Firstly, I do not know of the company you are referring to, however, debts get sold to collection firms, and given out to collection firms to be collected on a regular basis.

Usually the collection company will provide you with information such as who the original creditor or bank was, the balance, etc. The balance can go higher due to the fees the collection firm may be charging and adding onto the account balance.

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If a collection company now owns the debt/account and are based in your country, they can collect the debt in accord with that country’s laws. This is where you may want to seek legal advice.

As to the company having any authority or powers regarding your passport, that is highly doubtful.

Can you afford to make payments on the account? If not, then you just can’t.

The issue is going to be, does the collection firm own the debt, and where are they based. If outside of your country, their collect powers may be very limited.



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