Operators of Bogus Credit Repair Scheme Settle FTC Charges

Scammers Will Be Banned From Credit Repair Services Industry, Subject to a $2.4 Million Judgment

The operators of a bogus credit repair scheme that allegedly tricked Spanish-speaking consumers into paying thousands of dollars each to supposedly improve their credit will be banned from offering credit repair services and subject to a monetary judgment under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission.

According to a federal court complaint filed by the Commission in March 2015, the defendants did business using the name FTC Credit Solutions, misleading consumers not only about the nature of the alleged credit repair services they offered, but also claiming an affiliation with the Commission that did not exist.

“These defendants were shameless. They scammed consumers who were in need of financial help and used the good name of the Federal Trade Commission to do so,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “I’m pleased these defendants will be kept away from this business for good.”

The FTC alleged that the defendants – First Time Credit Solution, Corp., Guillermo Leyes, Jimena Perez, Fermin Campos and Maria Bernal – violated the FTC Act by claiming to be affiliated with or licensed by the Federal Trade Commission, falsely promising they could remove negative information from consumers’ credit reports, and guaranteeing consumers a credit score of 700 or above within six months or less. The FTC also alleged the defendants violated the Credit Repair Organizations Act by making these misrepresentations and charging consumers up front for credit repair services.

Under the terms of two settlements, the four individual defendants will be subject to a monetary judgment of $2.4 million. Leyes will be responsible for the full amount of the judgment. In the cases of Perez, Campos and Bernal, the judgment will be partially suspended due to their inability to pay. The defendants will be required to surrender the money in their bank accounts. The settlements permanently bar the defendants from selling or advertising credit repair services to consumers and from deceiving consumers about any good or service they are selling. The settlements also bar the defendants from selling or otherwise benefitting from customers’ personal information.

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3 thoughts on “Operators of Bogus Credit Repair Scheme Settle FTC Charges”

  1. This company now goes by a new company: forbesfinancialcreditrepair.com
    Guillermo Leyes and Davina Forbes-Martinez of Aliso Viejo are running it.

    • I received the following error report from a concerned party regarding the alleged comment from Lupe Bortinez. The person said, “There’s nothing wrong with the story. In fact, it’s all true. I’m glad that con-artist Guillermo was shut down by FTC. He should’ve gone to jail.

      The issue is that my girlfriend dated that con artist. After brakeing up, the guy, Guillermo Leyes, created fake accounts and started posting comments on all articles published by FTC. Comments like the one he left on the bottom of your your website article as Lupe Bortinez (alias name).

      Please remove the Lupe Bortinez comment because its a false statement/comment from a troller/con-artist who is about to go to jail anytime now. Last I heard, his case was reopen and the FTC is looking for him.

      I attached a pic of the fake comment. If you wish to speak to my girlfriends attorney let me know.”

      According to public records the Forbes Financial Credit Repair company is related to a Davina Martinez. See https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2kuyey/forbes-financial-credit-repair-inc . The domain name for the company, creditaidcenter.com, is registered to an Alonso Rodriguez.

      There is no public support that Guillermo Leyes is related with the organization.

      As per the site terms we do not remove comments. See https://getoutofdebt.org//terms

      • I received a subsequent message on Facebook from Alonso Rodriguez who stated, “I requested the comment not to be on your website and you still left it there?” I’m unable to respond to Alonso Rodriguez on Facebook as he was banned for posting the same comment over and over on multiple Facebook posts.

        Yes, the comment remained because the site is not the judge of user comments nor have the ability to determine the truthfulness of either statement. Different views are presented in an effort to allow readers to obtain the facts and reach their own conclusions.

        As I posted in my comment above, while someone had commented Guillermo Leyes was acting with Davina Martinez I did some research, posted my results and stated “There is no public support that Guillermo Leyes is related with the [Forbes Credit Repair] organization.” And I’m happy to say it again in a different way, there is no public evidence or facts to support the comment posted by a reader that said, “This company now goes by a new company: forbesfinancialcreditrepair.com
        Guillermo Leyes and Davina Forbes-Martinez of Aliso Viejo are running it.”

        And for the record, the “Report An Error” process advises anyone to either respond to any comment to point out an error or complete this form https://getoutofdebt.org//report-an-error


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